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I'm currently in the middle of BMQ and like everybody on course I'd like to know whats next. I know NETP and QL3 training are the next logical steps but not sure when. I'm hoping somebody knows when the next NET QL3 course starts and if the NET courses are still broken into the different sub-cats ( A, S, C) or if there is now one WET course.
The next academic semester at CFNES would start in early Jan with the next one in May, therefore depending on when you arrive in Halifax you could go directly into Academic training or do your NETP. The Academics are the same for all 3 NET trades therefore all NET trades will be on the same academics.

The WE Tech trade stand up is expected to be this September.
Great! thats exactly the info i was looking for, thanks alot! My grad date is feb 10, they dont normally throw you on course mid-way thru semesters do they?

You will not be put on a Crse Midway through its completion, unless you were removed from that course previously for some reason (other than FAILURE) or you already have fulfilled many of that course's prerequisites (ie. already hold equivalent qualifications).  If you are untrained you will begin a course whenever they decide to run that course.  Courses are run throughout the Training Year, and can start at any time.......just like at St Jean.
George Wallace said:

NET academic training at CFNES is semestered, George.  But you are correct, one would not be placed onto a course part way through a semester, for any reason.
The reason i ask is that i was recruited partly trained, having a mech tech diploma and have been given credit for a number of math and physics courses on the QL3's. I agree tho, it wouldnt be likely to just jump in mid-sem  .........  just curious.
My guess, and it's purely a guess, is that you'd have some free time during your day while your classmates would be attending the math and physics classes.  A good opportunity to get Technical Writing and Electronics homework out of the way!