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New reenactment group Vancouver Rifle Regiment

Crantor said:

My comment about the kneepads was tongue and cheek.  Back in the day there was stupid mentality that knee pads were a sign of weakness or what not.  some of us cheated by usnig volleyball pads under our combats and some guys were pretty overt about wearing black rollerblade pads.

By all means wear them.

I have no issues with what you guys are doing and it seems you guys are trying to be as unique and historically accurate.

You guys seem pretty checked out otherwise.  If people have an issue with your hobby they likely just need to get over it.

Good luck!

And why not join the army? We've got way better stuff these days! (except for the boots, of course :) )
Loachman said:
I have a very vivid memory of an inspection outside of the shack one morning, with Warrant Officer Picken, face an inch from B East/Beast's face, spittle flying, yelling at "Mr Eaton" for having baby powder on his combat boots, while Beast futilely tried to correct the name.

Good Lord we aren't just old....we're ancient. Bill Picken was my WO in Tpt Pl 2 VP.
Hamish Seggie said:
Good Lord we aren't just old....we're ancient.

You, maybe. I've got a l - o - n - g way to go before I hit that point.

No one is taking offense. Hey it's a hobby and whatever you want to do with your free time and money is up to you. Personally I think a little fresh air and exercise for youth is preferably to sitting in their basement eyes fixated on a monitor playing another marathon of COD4 and developing carpal tunnel syndrome and an unhealthy fetish for cheesies. Besides any hobby at all is better than whacking some poor small defenceless white ball all around a lawn with an assortment of clubs.

What we have been doing though is taking the piss out of you. To be honest taking the piss out of one is an essential and integral part of Reserve service in the 1990's (and military service anytime anywhere). So it’s all in the interest of ensuring an accurate portrayal.  8)
and when you run out of ammo just yell ,"bang, bang your dead", seriously that is historically accurate. You can also throw a rock, while screaming "Grenade" and flinging yourselves to the ground. To replicate artillery, have a guy sit back a 100m and yell "Boom rumble rumble". These were called "Militia bullets". Enjoy yourself, have fun and don't worry to much what others think. If you arrange your positions nicely, line up the rocks and eventually paint them white, then you can pretend to be RCR.  8)
Careful with the melmac plates. We took them out of service for sanitary reasons. The minute cuts and scrapes hide nasty little microbes and other nasty little beasties detrimental to the human physiology when not cleaned and sanitized properly. Puking and pooping at the same time can ruin your weekend.  ;)
and then we went back to aluminum tins that did something to you but I can't remember what....
Blackadder1916 said:
The purpose of mess tins was to provide a pouch in which to put your rain suit.

But only the cheap paper thin "not really a rainsuit" rainsuit that cound be compacted small enough to fit in it.

A real rainsuit would never fit.

Has anyone else noticed the bayonet on the last photo doesn't match the era they are trying to represent?
Notice: We are also now Recruiting into our Vancouver Island Detachment
please get in contact with us either trough PM's our Email ( vancouverriflesregiment@gmail.com ) Or our Facebook group/ Page ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/902506326434114/ )
A  photo from a recent Op we went to,

we are still recruiting please join via our Email or contact our Facebook group!
We now have groups located in the following Provinces

Manitoba - South Manitoba Rifles (http://www.southmanitobarifles.com/forums/index.php) (https://www.facebook.com/groups/17017981951/?ref=bookmarks)
Alberta - Loyal Alberta Light Infantry
Saskatchewan - Middle Saskatchewan Regiment
Ontario - Ontario Guard (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1474991772807144/)
British Columbia - Vancouver Rifles (https://www.facebook.com/groups/902506326434114/?ref=bookmarks) (https://www.facebook.com/VanRifles)

* Picture for attention
A couple more pictures from an Op in Oct,

And Also our Official Camp Flag and Crest:

A reminder that our BC group is broken up into several detachments, if you are located in the Purple, Red, Brown or Blue areas and are interested in what we do; please either contact us via our email (vancouverriflesregiment@gmail.com) or at our Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/902506326434114/).

-VRR Admin

This looks super cool. Would totally be into that if I hadn't just moved to 100 Mile House. Use to live in the Greater Vancouver area. Keep it up!
Hmm but what happens if the Fantaisans move on Atlin and use it as a base of operations to leapfrog to Dease lake and cutting the highway?
Blackadder1916 said:
The purpose of mess tins was to provide a pouch in which to put your rain suit wind breaker.

They weren't really good wind breakers either!!