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November 2009 BMQ

glad too see lots of people headin on the 23rd!  I'll be there aswell.  My trade is ATIS with air force.  See you all there!  Split a cab at the airport it'll be cheaper!
Keekee said:
Hey Guys and Gals!
I was wondering if anyone was told about their pass or fail on the MPAC for the serial on October 6-8. Also, if any MP applicants have been merit listed from that date.

Good luck to all!  :salute:

I was in the October 6-8 MPAC. I found out a few weeks ago I've been accepted as MP. Going to the Nov. 23rd BMQ.
congrats, you should join our facebook group and meet some of the others going on the 23rd. It's called "BMQ November 23rd 09"
LOL Im starting to feel like im the only on going on November 30th BMQ 
ufm101 said:
LOL Im starting to feel like im the only on going on November 30th BMQ

I know how you feel, I've only seen about 4 people including myself from here heading to the November 16th serial, everyone seems to be heading out for the 23rd
Got the call this morning, heading out from Toronto Airport on the 22nd for Nov 23-Mar 26 course.
heading out from Halifax on Nov 22.  Supply Technician for Navy.  Looking forward to meeting you all in Saint-Jean.  Feel free to email at  carolanne@ns.sympatico.ca
I got the call a few weeks ago, I'm leaving the Toronto airport on the 14th, can't wait to start BMQ!
Glad to see others starting on the 23rd. The process has been a long one,I first applied in Feb. Im being sworn in on Nov 10th. I thought the day would never come,starting to get exited.Going in NES OP. :salute: