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Politics in 2016

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not to mention the cost of operating a CC-144 back and forth to Toronto or Vancouver so 'Selfie' can attend.  The ethics of piggy-backing the meet and greet onto no wait it is piggy backing a govt. public relations trip onto the meet and greet isn't it?
milnews.ca said:
Then you know how ... empowering it is to be managed by email  ;D (And I do know how that feels.)
There's ministerial staff there, but the worker bees delivering the program are in the other site.  Not a perfect parallel, but is the battalion commander best based with the battalion, or at brigade HQ?
Don't get me wrong:  I think she could have saved the money and stayed where she was.  I just threw in the extra info to let folks make a more informed decision on whether they agree/disagree with her move.

Funny, though, how one man's "doesn't care about public criticism" and "using their majority to just do what they want" can be another man's "doing what they think is right" and "leading and not necessarily just following the herd" ...

She should have opted for a Workplace 2.0 cubicle to show leadership by example.

UK  - not Canadian - but it addresses some concerns that are internationally widespread

The new political axes

                                                                          Left wing                                           Right wing

Left-wing nationalist. Traditional working class. Hostile to immigrants and globalisation. Strong in Newcastle/south Yorkshire/Midlands
Right-wing nationalist. Believes in the British way of life and doesn't like generous welfare benefits or trade unions. Strong in Essex/East of England


Left-wing internationalist. Middle-class liberal who likes the welfare state and EU freedom of movement. Strong in Scotland/Wales/London
Right-wing internationalist. Free marketeer who likes globalisation and low taxes. Strong in London/south England

As in everything else nuance, details and definitions matter - but the broad strokes are identifiable.
No need to update when we have a dedicated thread to politics in 2017: http://army.ca/forums/threads/124900.475.html

There's another thread where I think it's almost universally agreed that Leith's chance to become leader of the CPC have been harmed by more than just her stance on pot.
Not open for further replies.