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Earlier this year, I was released from PRes on a 4C due to family issues. As I was not DP1 qualified at that time, ED&T was not really an option for me. Now with all my issues sorted I really do miss my days in the army, and I am seriously thinking of re-enlist. I remember reading somewhere that CAF members released under 4C would be required to wait for a year before being considered for re-enrollment. Can someone confirm if this policy still remains in effect today?
Also I think my BMQ will be valid for 5 years, right? But is this 5 years measured from the date of my release or from the completion date of my BMQ course?
I 4C released in Jan 2022 and had to wait 1 year before re-enlisting. From what I understand, your BMQ qual is good for 5 years after your release.