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References Superthread [Merged]


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Does every reference you give the recruiters get called? One? None? Depends on how tired they are on a certain day?
I asked only one of my references if he got a call, and apparently he didn‘t.

Unless they call after the interview, which for me is on Monday, I guess they don‘t call in every case.
I was just going over the papers the recruiter gave me and a question arose.

I have the main sheet that tells you everything you need to hand in to the recruiter like SIN, Birth Sertificate etc. Under note 4 for references it says I need 2 letters of reference and no family or friends.

I also have another sheet that says Friends are allowed as references and that sheet is attached to two "Letter of Reference for Applicant" sheets.

My question is, do I need two letters of reference and also these two sheets, or do I just need one? Another thing is are friends allowed as references?

I could probably phone the recruiter but you guys are so knowledagable.

Thanks in advance.
Hi, friends are definately allowed as references.

I used one of my best friends as one of my

I‘m not sure what other sheet you are talking
about though. The only one I‘ve seen is the
one that said that friends are allowed as
They gave me 2 sheets that have questions on them like:

"How do you know the applicant" and "Does he get along well with other people".

Do I need to someone to fill this out as well as a letter?

Did your references have to write letters?

I just applied a few months ago and was given two reference sheets that had to be filled out by non-family memebers.

No letters had to be written, nor did they actualy call up my references.

What is your age? Maybe if your under 18 you have to do more. I‘m 21.
As far as I know, to apply to become an NCM, those 2 reference forms are the only ones you need. If I remember correctly, they have to add up to a certain number of years of acquaintance... i.e. they have to know you for a combined number of years.

If you aren‘t at the age of majority, you need an extra form seeking permission from your guardian... but that‘s just a signature and not a reference thing.
Great that answers both of my question.

And yes, the two references must add up to 5 years.

I‘m 19 so no need for a signature.

Thanks guys.
Just have your references fill out the forms they gave you, and that‘s all you need.
Yes SpinDoc is right. Your two references have
to have known you for a total of 5 years combined.

Not that much really when you look at it.

I used my boss as my other reference. I just
thought it would look better to use an employment
and a personal reference instead of 2 personal

Oh, and be sure to provide them with adressed-
stamped envelopes so that they can mail out their
references. You‘re definately not supposed to see
them. :D
picked up my application the other day, just need to know who would be the best type of character references to use? ie. ex military, ppolice officers etc.
I believe in the application documents, it requests at least two references who you have known for at least 5 years. Using the most professional references then would be the best idea.

I used two co-workers who I kept in contact with over the years. They and I worked in the same area as my MOC of choice. Their reference could be used in a personal and a professional sense.
It‘s actually just two years for references. The recruiter I spoke with said that a couple of good friends would work for both references, but it would be better if I used a two different types of references (eg a friend and a coworker.)

Since I‘m currently unemployed and don‘t feel like tracking down people from my old job, I‘m just planning on using two friends instead. The recruiter said this wouldn‘t pose a problem.
Hello Hi
I have basiclly every form filled out, every id but i can‘t get the letters of reference done
See I don‘t really have any neighbours who know me
I asked a couple of my parents friends and they said no because my parents dont want me to go (full time.) Since i was only at my current high school for a year i dont really know a teacher too well. My only serious job‘s employer doesn‘t live in Canada no more and the only thing i have left is friends but i dont think they‘ll be good references if a call comes. I don‘t know what to do? Do you think i should get them to do it? I think they might hurt me more then help me (metaphorically.)
Please i need help.
Well first off how old are they and yourself?

When I did my referances I got 4. 2 from my bosses from work, 1 from my principle from High School who also knew me from playing Rugby.. And another from a teacher/Rugby coach/club Rugby coach.

I thought I needed more so I was gonna ask some friends but thought about it for a sec. How avaible would they be. Not very since It‘s hard for myself to reach them causae of them being at work/school or just out.

What I think you should do is tell your situation to a teacher you like at your school. Even know they don‘t know you for 4 years they still can be a referance. Only 1 said they knew me for 4+ years and my Rugby coach knew me longer but he only put he knew me for 3.. Dunno why, but I think he kinda messed up... Anyhow, when I droped them off to the recruiter he said I had enough referances. And I told him I only had 1 4 year but my coach knew me longer and I could change it needed be. He said it was fine..

Anyhow, ask some friends of the family also.. tell them your situation. If you are underage maybe you shouldnt join without your parents blessing, but if you are over 18 it‘s your life. Tell your family friends that.. Say you really wanna do this..
I am 19 and so are most of them.
I know i am pretty old but my parents are really uptight.
Schools out already. it‘s jun 30th
Also i am joining full time.
I‘ve basically had the same best friends who‘ve known me since well i was 11.
You only need to letters of reference which are provided to you in you package of forms. I had two teachers fill them out for me, and they only knew me for two years. It should be fine. Try to convince your parents friends or whatever and explain to them that this is something that you really want to do. If that doesnt work, just get your teachers to fill them out for you.
Ok, I‘m going to take my application to the CFRC tomorow, for an NCM Infantry position in the Reserves (Argylls in Hamilton). I just wanted to check one thing about the Letters of Reference. Are they necessary for NCM positions or are they just for Officers?

no, you need 2 references.

oh and dont forget:
- Social Insurance Number (photocopy of the card)
- birth certificate
- reports cards for the two last completed year
- school diploma(s)
- documents of citizenship (if landed immigrant).

I did the same thing yesterday :)
So I am going to need them. Well, I guess I‘m going to have to postpone taking the stuff in for now.