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References Superthread [Merged]

You should be careful. If you‘ve been out of the country for more than 2 weeks in the last 10 years, you have to fill out a seperate security booklet (in addition to the one in your application) later on. Apparently, this form can delay you by up to 8 months to a year, although you may be lucky and squeak through in 6 months!

However, it only applies to you past the age of 16, but the country you travelled to does not matter. A 3 week trip to Disneyland will apparently net the same sort of delay as if you had gone to Lebanon.

I was very lucky, having missed the deadline by a mere 6 months :)
Reference the marijuana, don‘t lie. Simple as that. If you‘ve used it, tell them, and be honest about it.

Believe it or not, unless you were a hardcore chronic user, they don‘t particularly care.
Are you sure it‘s two weeks Null? Because if it is I‘m screwed until probably next year. ARHG!! I spent 18 days travelling around China visiting family . :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
Question for anybody????? Has anybody had to get an Enhanced realibility Check done.(ERC) for short and if you did how long did you have to wait? My medical came back approved but I‘ve been waiting for the ERC for a little over a month now.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Don‘t worry too much about the security clearances
in the application process.

The CF does a background check and prepares a security level by the during of the application process, and completes another level by the end of basic. You may have to fill out new or supplementary forms during BMQ. Likely your unit will have to upgrade the clearance when you get there after you complete the BMQ course.

Your trip to China won‘t affect your ability to
get the necessary clearance level or affect the timing during the application process.

It generally takes about 3 months to get an ERC
complete for the average person. Those with
prior or active clearances it could happen a little quicker. Depending on circumstances, the ERC may not be completed until you‘re well into

Depending on your gaining unit, your clearance may have to be upgraded anyway.

Thanks a million! You‘ve made it possible for me to get a full night‘s rest again!
I‘m just curious does everyone need to hand in 2 references or just people who are applying for officers?
I applied for the reserves and I needed two references (one has to be of 5 yrs or more) so I don‘t think only those applying for officers need them. There is more information about this in your application package
I just applied for the reserves as well, handed my application in aproximately 2 months ago, and I needed the same number of references as you do.
The recruiting staff should have filled you in, everyone needs two standard letters of reference. We provide the blank letters for your references to fill out, they must be done on our forms.
Can you give us some insight as to whats on those forms?
Teachers or Coaches are a good bet for references...if they liked you.
I used a teacher from school and a family friend as my references.
Officers have different reference forms, or at least I did from my RMC references to my reserve references. The officer one was much more detailed compared to the reserve one. I used my teacher and my old hockey coach.
I used one of my officers from my cadet corps and a friend of the family.
Ok, Im sure this is going to sound a little weird............or not, but what if I don't have any references? I am going to apply for infantry officer through DEO. I've done a search through the forums for this topic and the ones I've found leads me to think that I won't be able to get into the army.

Just so you don't think I just crawled out from under a rock or something:

My parents moved me around more then a few times in my life so I don't have any teachers from highschool/junior high/etc to use as a reference. I haven't had any professor from university for more then a few terms (4 month is a term). I have also never had a job before, asides from the family business, which doesn't have any co-workers except for family members. As far as references go, I have none that will fit into the "total of 5 years relations", except for my friends that is, which I am to understand are not really acceptable references.

Any responses will be much appreciated.
What about friends of your family? One of your parents friends, perhaps a siblings boy/girlfriend. I would get incontact with an old teacher or professor if I was in your situation, there is bound to be one or two that remember you.
How about a next door neighbour? Or the bank teller, the insurance agent, the store clerk where you have been buying your milk? Any body that sees you on a regular basis that could judge your character.
With your references, if you don't have ones that have known you for five years or more. then what you need to do is get enough references together that have known you for a year or more that can combine to cover the five years.
This ones for me.  What about an dentist who I had to go see once a month for the last three years and counting.  Would that be acceptable as a reference?

Thanks. :)