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References Superthread [Merged]

If I can remember... I think they provide you with them. I got my former Cadet CO and a teacher to write mine.

Hopefully see you on parade some time in the near future Jonsey! :D

I have reference letters that are 2 years old. I was wondering if they were good enough for my application or they abosuletly have to be 1 year or less. I‘m applying for NCM.

Thanks! :sniper:
Your reference letters have to be from with-in a year or less. It probably wouldn‘t be good to use letters from two years ago because at that time your references most likely wouldn‘t had known about what you were going to be applying for in the military.
its references that i got when i was applying for rmc, its one of those officer questionnaire reference letters
Okay, it would be still good in content probably but the military still wants it to be from the within a year. I think it is so that if anything has changed with you they‘ll know about it.
on my refrence application, is it just one person who does the whole thing or an old boss and a personal refrence, so two people?
Also, will the recruiting center let me hand in all my other info like tommorow and my refrence sheet a few days later because im up in university and can't get home to do it for a few weekends. I just want to speed up the process,
two ppl
two letter
i would recommend handing in everything together to minimize stuff getting lost or misplaced as thats what I did
Recommendation don"t do anything that increases the chance of parts of your file getting lost. Remeber Murphy‘s Law definitely applies to recruiting
Plus it will not speed up the process 1 bit to hand in part of your paper work. Your file sits in a file cabinet until you complete whatever requirements have been put before you.

Once you hand everything in, they will schedual you for the next phase, whatever that may be.

And its two references minimum, or as many as it takes to cover 5 total years. That can mean a person who has known you for 2 years, and a person who has known you for 3, for a total of 5 years combined. It does not mean that you have to have a reference from 1999.
alright i am starting to understand...so i could have a boss who has known me for 2 years and he could fill out my job refrence and a personal refrence could also fill out the same application, right? so i could almost have 4 people for 2 applications?
No, if you‘re going to require more than 2 reference letters to cover the 5 years, you don‘t put 2 people on the same letter. Ask your recruiter for a third or fourth form letter, or just photocopy the ones you have.
Just found out that I have to redo my entire application. With regards to to reference letters....should I use the same people or different people. The two I had were excellent; but now that I am thinking(big mistake)maybe I could come up with one better reference. Would that seem odd to change references? Open for suggestions! :confused:
Why not use all three? I don‘t believe that there is a maximum number of references you can hand in.

Best case scenario, they see that another person is willing to say that you‘re the right person for the job. Worst case scenario, they file it with the others and ignore it.

Just because you have to redo your application doesn‘t mean that your references are invalid. At least, I wouldn‘t think so.
Thanks Jonsey, it seems so simple when someone else lays it out. Thanks. Three it is.
Nope. No mistakes we‘re made on their part.
This would be my 3rd time applying. So, the CO at the CFRC said for me to finish grade 12 (almost done now, with a average percentage of high-80‘s!! Which I have NEVER gotten in my life...)
and give him the newer transcrips, and to redo my application/refrences.

I can bet you though, they still have my application on file, just not the refrences. I could careless, because I‘am applying for Regular instead of reserve now, and I can (hope) get my COs to fill out newer refrence forms.
(If you notice the lack of contractions and bad punctuation in this post please pardon it. Ièm typing on a keyboard set for French and I cannot find some keys - connot contracts as "canèt" for ex...)

I have just applied for the infantry under the DEO entry programme. I am interested to know what is involved with the background check. Now, I want the the job, so I will lay them out on the table if that is what I have to do. But that said, I tend toward being one of those guys who likes his privacy. ...I just want to mentaly prepare myself. All I found on the subject when I searched the recruiting section was the following:

"It is the responsibility of the Department of National Defence to screen all potential employees to determine their suitability and reliability. The Canadian Forces may contact the references that you provide as well as other individuals who may be suggested to check on your background, personal and professional relationships, as well as your work ethic. The reference check, conducted through received letters and phone calls are methods of confirming that you can be expected to be reliable and trustworthy in the performance of your duties and in the protection of the assets and interests of the Department of National Defence and its personnel."

...Fine. So, can I expect them to be calling my old cadet Sqn. C.O. from 10 years ago. People generally that I worked with in cadets perhaps... Friends or neighbours...

In a search related to marajuana that I had done previously I found a post by an MP where he claimed to have ejected someone while they were on course in St.Jean because they found out he lied about never smoking pot in his interview. (I think I searched "pot") ...How could they find that out! Thatès freaky. ...and frankly a little off putting.

Anyway, I know enough to be honest with the recruiter. (As if that post is not warning enough in any event!)...and like I said, I want the job, so I will lay em on the table if that is what I have to do. ...and I dont need to be concerned about it anyway ...Its just that if they are going to be contacting people that I have not spoken to in ten or more years or more I need some mental preperation.

What would normally be involved in your basic background check. What can I expect.

When I did my background check, they wanted to know what I have been doing for the past 10 years. Where I went to school, work, where I‘ve lived and if I‘ve left the country, where, when and how long. I summed all that up on my application (had to add a couple extra sheets). If you were a cadet 10 years ago, I doubt they would look into that much, though they would like to know the corps/squadron name, location and number. Cadet units are supposed to keep your file on hand for five years after you leave, then they are destroyed. Other than that, I don‘t know. After they take that info and forward it to CSIS, it‘s all a black box.