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Refueling: Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle - RG-31 and LAV Coyote Replacement


Its the tank mounts themselves that have been failing. Right now the whole fleet is under repair, FARs were never meant for cross country travel.

Thanks Pat

We knew that they wouldn't hold up when we did the trials on them, and that they were only meant to go forward far enough to fuel the first line units pod trucks. Some one in the Palace of illusion and confusion said that they could replace the HLVW pods and every one jumped on the new shiny truck wagon and ignored the data from the trials. I know, I know shocking isn't it? but this wasn't even our biggest complain it was the single fuel cell that we didn't like. I almost put one of Pacman in 94 because it was half full and the fuel sloshing around in it almost rocked me of the road plus the load was to heavy for the exhaust brake and service brake and torque convert to the point I just tapped the buzzer up because it was always on. Now I know the FARS haul 1000 litres less than the first HLVW fuelers we got but the had a lot more crap on them.
Well there were some thing that resembled baffles in it but it was designed as a runway refueler not meant to stand up to the pot holed roads of Pac-man and Triangle route.
No mobile liquid tank should be built without proper baffles, the stress from unrestrained liquids acting on the tank walls and seals can be substantial. I noted in some video of the French operations in Mali that they had a fuel bowser based on a HLVW sized vehicle supporting their light armour and topping vehicles up directly along with filling cans. Not a containment liner in site, but they looked a tad nervous, running a fuel bowser in such a conflict sure makes you a prime target. One of the ideas I toyed with back in the "thunder run days of Iraq"  was a Stormer/LAV set up, basically a LAV with no body behind the commanders hatch and flat deck with palleted stores, including lightly armoured fuel tanks that could be jettisoned from inside in case of fire.
Surprisingly the fuel cells on the 5 ton didn't light up when it got filled with holes in 94. I also don't remember seeing any tracers going through either.