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Supply Tech - merged

Chapeski said:


Supply work in a first line unit (PPCLI, RCR, RCD) is different from second line (Service BN's [double hat], Base Supply) differs from 3rd line (Base Supply Depots). and don't forget the Depots too. ...

I think that pretty much sums it up. Did I miss anything?

LOL. I don't know how I missed the 2nd/3rd line bit earlier ...
I have an interview for Supply Tech June 30th, and I was wondering what kind of options are available for Supply Tech in the army. I see that there are options to work up to hazardous materials handling and rigger, I was wondering how long does it take to be able to work up to those types of positions.

For Rigger, you must be jump qualified. There are not too many non-Combat Arms spots on courses, so those spots are quite competitive. If you are in shape and have a knack for precision work and throwing yourself out of perfectly good aircraft, it might be for you. I think (but I could be wrong, haven't been to Trenton in a while) that all the Rigger positions in Trenton are Cpl's.

As for Control of Haz Mat and HazMat Packing, they are specialty courses. There are usually about 4-6 courses of each per year, so quite of few go through. To get a specialty course, you need to be QL5/DP2 qualified (journeyman level), usually a Cpl, so about 4 years in the CF (or so).

thanks for the info Wook. I am hoping that I get a job offer after my interview on June 30th and I have the opportunity to do as much training as humanly possible. I love the Supply Tech trade because it goes along with my College and University education.

I've also applied for this position, I'm wondering other than the Forces website is there any other place to find details on what this trade has to offer ?

- T.
Fotoshark said:
I've also applied for this position, I'm wondering other than the Forces website is there any other place to find details on what this trade has to offer ?

- T.

Try this:

or this:
forgive me but what does "purple trade" mean?  I searched for definitions of trade colours and came up empty handed. :/

- T.
Fotoshark said:
forgive me but what does "purple trade" mean?  I searched for definitions of trade colours and came up empty handed. :/

- T.

A trade that can be posted to any unit, in any element, regardless of the uniform they wear ( air/land/sea). This is to mean that, for example, a cook wearing the Navy uniform, can find himself posted to a combat arms unit.
Fotoshark said:
forgive me but what does "purple trade" mean?  I searched for definitions of trade colours and came up empty handed. :/

- T.

Topic: "Purple Trades: Definition & Trg Discussion":

11 pages.
Okay so this is my first post here! I have been reading soo many posts durning my application process and it has answered so many of my questions. However I am now at a standstill left confused. I went in again today to see my options and pretty much only supply techs open until April. It interest me some however combat trades where my picks now I am broke and in need of there benefits and pay too, my question basically is should I go supply tech and possibly OT once I am able or wait I don't know if it's possible to wait until April and not know which trades are opening then, combat trades may not even be open in April and I'm left where I am now. So any help would be extremely useful! Thanks guys
rather than worrying about doing the supposed adventurous stuff, think about doing a trade you are prepared to expand into.....it's your career....there will be all kinds of different adventures .....no matter what you do....
Hmm very interesting GAP thanks for the reply. I also haven't looked into supply tech much but I was reading that they can become a para rigger, this seems intriguing to me. Do you know of any supply techs here I could pm? or if there are any out there reading this please help expand my knowledge on your exp with the trade! Thank you again army.ca you've helps much appreciated
It matters not what trade you physically do.....take pride in doing it the best you possibly can and all kinds of options open up for you....but first you have to do the butt kicking effort....do not think it will be easy..
I would try to hang in there till your trade of your choice is open. I mean its not easy to just leave the CF once you joined I heard.
okay thank you GAP you've helped me decide on what to do!  I am going to go with supply tech! as long as im serving my country and doing a good job at it i'm happy. and Victoria55 if your trades closed you will be given the current open trades which for me here in Montreal is steward (navy) and supply tech (purple trade) if you decline them your files closed and your asked to apply around feb/march.
I'm not a Sup Tech, but they do work for me.

A large part of any job is what you make of it.  The role of the Sup Tech is to manage the receipt, issue, warehousing and disposal of all the stuff we need to support operations and can include spare parts, fuel, rations and stationary.  There are many facets to the occupation and the skill sets are readily transportable to the civilian work force.

In the Army, in addition to the the supply stuff, Sup Techs will also be involved in defence of their position, combat logistics patrols and other activities that will require you to carry a weapon and perhaps even use it.  In the Navy, you will participate in fighting the ship during action at sea and you can also volunteer to be a member of the Boarding Team (real door-kicker, Rambo stuff) or a diver.  In the Air Force, they let you help choose the hotel  ;D.

BUT your job, first and foremost will be to be a Sup Tech.  This will mean many hours working in warehouses, counting stuff and dealing with somebody whining as to why they can't have an extra pair of socks.  It can be very rewarding work (it's essential in order to achieve mission success) and there are many opportunities for advancement (it's one of the larger occupations), but it's not often viewed as one of the "cooler" trades.

Whatever you do, do NOT join as a Sup Tech if you're only seeing it as a stepping stone to getting in the CF and intend to immediately OT as soon as you can.  The opportunity to OT may never come and you may end up being a Sup Tech for a very long time, or at least until you quit in frustration or get thrown out.  If you're going to join as a Sup Tech, assume you will be doing it for a long time and be prepared to jump in and make the best of it.  If you're not truly interested in being a Sup Tech, don't do it.  You will only annoy those around you.
Couldn't state it better....excellent advice....