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Supply Tech - merged

Journeyman said:
First with the RCD/RCR sniper thread, and now this -- stay in your lane, newbie  ;D
  It's one of those days where I really should have stayed in bed.......  :-\
PMedMoe said:
  It's one of those days where I really should have stayed in bed.......  :-\

Hey Moe I got some water you could test  ;)


Think I got your trade right.....
NFLD Sapper said:
Hey Moe I got some water you could test  ;)


Think I got your trade right.....
Nah, I'd delegate that to a QL5.  ;)

Yes, you did.
shilohshy said:
Well it sounds like that would be a job long in my future LOL.  Not sure what Chapeski meant then. 

I know I have asked this before and never received a response... but does anyone know when the next Supply Tech MOC course will be run in Borden? I only ask because I need to make arrangements for storing my vehicle.  My friends might not want to have it at their place beyond the 6 month mark  ;)

No worries if you don't have access to that info... hopefully I can finally get that out of the CFRC on Friday.
Yo c
I'm here, I'm here! CQMS is a position AND also is a section. As was stated earlier, the position takes over when the CSM is away. It can be either a WO, or Sgt, and sometimes there can be a Cpl as acting CQMS, however they don't get to be the CSM fill in, and is only on a temp occasion. The CQMS section is basically the company stores, the platoon IC is the actual CQMS, and you work directly under them. The section is also referred to as the CQ. This is where I am currently. If you are posted into a good CQ section it can be one of the best postings you can wish for. You get to mingle with everyone in the company and get noticed quicker than other sections (depending on what coy you are in).

To get into a CQ you need to have yourself squared away pretty tight, or else you'll get chewed up and spit out fast. Keeping on top of things is the best route to go, and being organized is key.

As for the OP, depending on which base you go to there are many different positions available. You could dish out lubricants, clothing, coy stores, you could work in a decontamination section or repair and disposal. Pretty much each unit has a supply tech attached to it to get them the kit they need to do their job. Supply work in a first line unit (PPCLI, RCR, RCD) is different from second line (Service BN's) differs from 3rd line (Base Supply). and don't forget the Depots too. There are more civie positions than CF, but you could still wind up there too. Each level of support is very different, but very much needed to get the job done. Members usually end up in a Service Bn first, take their lumps, dig in, that sort of thing, then move on to bigger and better things. Being in a Svc Bn isn't as bad as people make it out to be, so don't buy into their BS. Take it for what it's worth, work your tail off and people will notice, and you will move on. If you are useless (not saying you are, but if you were) people will notice, you will remain in a SVC Bn, and you will end up hating it as they will hold you back.

I think that pretty much sums it up. Did I miss anything?
Chapeski said:
I'm here, I'm here! CQMS is a position AND also is a section.
To Journeyman --------------> 

Thanks, Chapeski!

are "positions".  >:D

You know, as in "go see the TQ".  8)
And Army types keep accusing us Navy types of messing with the language and confusing things! .... :stars:
LOL thanks everyone for the laughs and the info! Greatly appreciated as always!  :salute:
I just applied to the CF army reserve yesterday in calgary. I’m a manager at a distribution center, so my civilian job shares a lot of common skills require for a supply tech, which was what I put down as my first trade. However, I was thinking to myself, probably not a good idea to do the same thing in 2 jobs, and was hoping to go into infantry…. But the file has already been submitted. So here’s a few questions I was hoping so reserves can answer.

I read the FAQ on supply tech, but the thread got real off track after the 2nd page.

1) Is it really difficult to switch trades as a reserve after you selected one?
2) Recruiter told me I pick my trade on my application, not after CFAT. Is that true, and also no change to switch now that I have filed in my paperwork?
3) I understand that I need my BMQ, but say if I’m hired on now in May, and BMQ starts in Oct. What will I be doing in the meantime as a supply tech? would I still be doing drills with the squad?
4) Supply tech seems more of a warehousing/pick line task. Would I still be running drills such as firing weapons, marches, training etc aside from the warehouse work? Or is that only for infantry/combat eng. Etc?

I think I’ll enjoy the supply tech position; however, I want something that demands physical drills and sharpen my skills on weapons, etc. Not sure if the drills in a supply tech role will be as physical as an infantry drill, so I need to decide now if I want to change my mind or not.

Hi joejoe3,

I am so stoked about the privilege to respond to your new thread, considering that you have just joined.  In all the time we have been on the interweb, we have never had people ask about joining the Canadian Military!!  Thanks for your curiosity, and might I say, some very good queries.  I hope that this may be the opportunity we can help people like your self.

Please check out the following links, and if they do not meet your needs, by all means PM one of us mods, and we will open up your thread.

Again, thank you for pointing out our error, in not addressing the basic questions of recruiting and such.  :D

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Hello.  I was wondering if anyone could answer a question I have regarding the Supply Tech trade.  The question is: Is it possible to be posted to an Infantry Jump Company as a newly trained Bin Rat?  Do you have to be Jump qualified first and if you do service in such a company, do you get to wear a maroon beret?
The sup techs are not posted to a jump coy they are posted to the QM.  To wear a maroon beret you would have to be posted to the unit as a Para Rigger
Maybe we should stop making them jump with their own chutes?  They might last longer! ;D
I know a few guys who went rigger and they loved it! Good luck man I hope you enjoy it!
Wow nearly a year since I joined this outfit aka the army lol.  I survived St. Jean, Farnham and Borden! I'm now at my first posting and loving it...the job is great once you get the hang of it.  But I suppose that depends on the unit they send you to lol. 

Going thru all the training then getting stuck on PRET-C for an extended time was difficult but not the end of the world.  And I was really stressed about where the army was going to send me and in the end I didn't get any of my posting preferences and couldn't be happier about it!

If I have learned anything in my brief time with the military it is this...you are going to be tested ALOT from everyone...your peers, your instructors and well at CFLRS anyone you have a run in with is testing you in some way lol. 

Anyways I just wanted to thank everyone that gave me advice on here because it eased my anxiety of the unknown quite a bit...but nothing really prepares you for that first 5 minutes at CFLRS when you drop your suitcase in the hallway..start laughing and have a PO yelling in your face.  WELCOME TO THE ARMY!!  ;)