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Tattoo Thread - including current policy [MERGED]


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Just curious what your guys opinion on this is? 

I‘m thinking, that when I do make it fully past my MOC I‘ll get a tat of "Ducimus" across my shoulder blades. 

I have a friend who got a small tat (at basic) right above his boxers across his naval saying "I am" - you can imagine where the Canadian is at I‘m sure.

I figure I‘ll have the tat on my back to let the REMF‘s know their role while I‘m out pacing them on any ex‘s  :D    :evil:    :mg: 

Take it easy guys!
Thaedes; please, for the love of god, wait to get a tattoo. Wait to find something that means something to you, and isn‘t just the first slogan that comes to your mind. Get a few years in, and if there‘s something significant you want to commemorate, by all means go ahead, but wait to find that something.
Naturally. Like I said, I plan to at least wait until I‘ve finished basic and 031 MOC.

It already means something to me, and successfully making it into Infantry will be a milestone in my life.

I plan to get more then just that as well. To make it even more memorable and worthwhile.
Think ahead. Without going into detail,you may have opportunities further down the road that require you not to have any distinguishing markings on your body.
Just a thought for you.
Hey good point Old School. Though I doubt I‘d ever get into JTF2 or anything that interesting, it‘d sure be nice to try anyways.

Maybe I‘ll just get a cool sure with that on the back, lol.
awhile ago, I saw a Reg Force Arty guy, he was covered in tattoos, arms, neck
probly more in other spots, but that was all that was visible
3 of us got tattoos to celebrate the passing of our CLC. I got a Taz, one friend got a tiger, and the ding dong got a Tweety bird lol. A buddy nonetheless. (In case he‘s lurking) :dontpanic:
Actually, Thaedes, if you do a search of the forums, there was a good discussion about this exact topic a while back.
Yeah Robert, somehow I doubt that. Call me crazy, but I‘ve seen my fair share of guys who‘ve done more then their fair share of trials and other such tribulations, with a few scars to remind them - not to mention a few tats here and there. Don‘t knock peoples personal choices cause you like being clean of the ink.
I don‘t know many folks who‘re in the forces, but I do know alot people with tatoos. Usually, they‘ll say something along the lines of "Wait a year before you get it, and start small!!"
Windwolf will Correct me if im wrong on this one but I think that All Canadian Snipers have a Spider web on their elbows and that each fly is a "kill" but i may be wrong. Windwolf?
The pigment in tatoo ink is not retained well in scar tissue...
Some yanks do that,but in my time you just
kept it to yourself.Things may have changed
since 87 though Dixon.
Tattos for your kills is a poor way to show
how tough you are considering most targets
do not have a chance against you anyways,
unless you overshoot.

There is not enough
booze in the world to get me into a parlor.
I have no tattos,just scars.
Hard enought explaining them to people.

Other units have snipers not just Pats & they may
have diff traditions.
if you want a tattoo, like combat_medic said, really think about it and make sure it has meaning, an that you want it for the rest of your life, if you hate it after awhile, it‘s very expensive to get them removed
The spider web on the elbow is gay and I personally don‘t know of any sniper with that tatoo. In fact, I can‘t think of any tatoo that I‘ve ever seen on a sniper. You shouldn‘t get an army tatoo, I see too many nowadays, new guys getting them before they‘re even in. They‘ll regret it down the road. I don‘t have any tatoos, not even my wings. I know I‘m a paratrooper, I don‘t have to advertise...
I think the next person to use the term "pickley" should be banned from this site. They are Patricias.

When I got my tattoo, only soldiers, sailors and bikers had them. It was a mark of distinction, and in my regiment, a Scottish thistle on the left leg was part of the uniform. Today it‘s a colossal joke, and every dumbass with 100 dollars burning a hole in his pants runs out to get Woody Woodpecker on his back or something equally retarded and revolting. Even worse, females feel the need to join the rest of the crowd by getting equally revolvting "artwork" on their bodies.

I don‘t regret that I got mine, I just regret that the rest of the wannabes in the world felt the need to go out and turn what was once a rite of passage into what now passes as yesterday‘s high school fad.

Thanks, losers. :mad:
I think the next guy to use the term "budding teenage sexuality" should be banned from this site. ;)

Then, we can all beat on him.

I‘ve noticed a disturbing tendency on this board to threaten people, either with physical violence (yeah, fly across Canada, find out who owns the handle, and personally pick a fight with someone over some dumba$$ thing they said on a public forum) or with removal from the board.

C‘mon, it‘s discussion group, really. A discussion group with people you might not otherwise have any reason to meet, or even discuss the time of day. You‘re gonna meet people you don‘t like, and you‘re gonna hear things you don‘t like. It‘s kinda hard to hold a "virtual blanket party", so in the meantime, perhaps we could all just shut up and soldier...?

Not to pick on you personally Mike, there are others who are far more deserving of my ire. Not that what I think matters spit to people I‘ve never met...

Oh, and for the uninitiated, what‘s wrong with Pickley? I‘ve heard the term before, so obviously it‘s in use. Is it perjorative in some way? Sounds like merely a pronunciation of PPCLI.

Now, if the subject of chickens were to come up, THAT might be perjorative... ;)
For all you older than dirt types, where did the chicken thing start? I have heard there was one cold night in Cypress where a Royal was caught, erhm, in flagrente delecto.....
And I learned never to ask a Van Doo about the goat, only time I was ever shaken up after getting jacked up for a straight half hour. That guy was *VERY* unhappy...
I think the story has been around a long, long time. I heard it from Germany. :cool: Now, as far as the *suggested* behaviour involving a chicken, I would think that extremely unlikely. But the presence of livestock with a soldier, where gambling is rife, in areas where the locals might want to barter for stuff, where soldiers are eating Imitation Meat Packs or Meals Rejected by Ethiopians suggests "food" to me...

I wonder if there‘s a military version of the Urban Legends site...