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The Fleet Is In

I just picked this up. You might be interested:


If I start something like that I might have no time for painting/basing/rigging...
The fleet is still not out, but in the meantime phase I of the 15mm Napoleonic project is complete, so here's a bit of eye candy:

French - infantry division, corps artillery, infantry division, light cavalry division (front to back)


Russians - infantry division, infantry division (position batteries of the two divisions together in the middle), cavalry division (front to back)

An unusual diorama subject from one of the small companies that specialize in niche products. Soldiers of the RA passing the time by igniting flatus. One man takes up a firing position using a Straining Bar for support and leverage while a second prepares to ignite the fume. A third stands by with a small roll of rough linen in case cleanup is required.
In a similar vein.....


One of the oldest artillery towers anywhere in Langres, circa 1510. Grafted on to a Gallo-Roman city wall to guard the border between France and Burgundy.

The firing platform on the upper level is approached by a circular ramp that horses could drag the cannons up.

On the approach, just before reaching the firing platform is this emblem of faith in St Barbara.


The French are out! (Well, a couple of them).

These are a couple of GHQ micronauts I've had for a long time, slightly touched up to do "proof of concept" of a board and basing idea I found on ship wargaming websites. Good enough for me.

I really must not attempt to paint strake lines after three cups of coffee, though.