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The Russian Military Merged Thread- Navy

SeaKingTacco said:
Oh come on now, Cdn Aviator.  EVERYONE knows that the Cold War is over and we don't ever have to worry about ASW again... ::)

SKT you are correct. What do i, a lowely Sgt, know about naval tactics and submarines ? I dont know what i was thinking. I will STFU.

Thank you for the attitude adjustment.

According to these articles this move by Putin has been in the works. The Russians may want an alternative to Odessa. As always the Russians seem to wear out their welcome.

Russia building naval base in Syria - report

Russian magazine reports Moscow planning to turn Syrian port into permanent naval base; Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson denies report

Vera Yadidya Latest Update:  06.02.06, 23:42 / Israel News 

Russian magazine Kommersant reported Friday that the Russian army is laying the groundwork for building the Syrian port of Tartus, in the north of the country.
From Israel's point of view, we can expect a change in the rules of the game in the Mediterranean in general, and more specifically along the Syrian-Lebanon coasts: We haven't seen Soviet spy ships in the Mediterranean for quite some time. A permanent port in Syria would significantly facilitate its operations in our arena.

Under such circumstances, the Israeli navy's freedom of action would inevitably change – and we may assume that Israel would have a problem striking at land-based facilities during wartime. The large-scale Syrian-Russian arms deal also includes systems for protecting coasts and ports and land-to-sea missiles of the most advanced type. Now we understand why.

Russia may play role of 'responsible adult' .

Generally speaking, any possible Israeli military operation against Syria in the future would have to take the Russian presence into account. This presence would not necessarily be neutral. It is very reasonable to assume that Russia would take sides, at least diplomatically, in such a conflict.

But perhaps the situation is not so bleak. As a "responsible adult" residing in Syria, Russia can actually serve to restrain a violent conflict from erupting between Syria and Israel.

Even now we can see that the Russians refrained from selling the Syrians some problematic arms from our point of view, such as the missiles that followed the Scud missile generation or the Russian equivalent of the Patriot anti-aircraft missiles.

Russia maintained a base in the port since the days of the Soviet Union, the report said, adding that Moscow could be planning to turn the port into a naval base where ships withdrawn from Sevastopol in Ukraine can anchor.

Vladimir Zimin, a senior economic advisor at the Russian Embassy in Damascus, confirmed the plans to the magazine.

The move was said to be part of Russia's effort to boost its influence in the Middle East and safeguard Syria.

”As an official at Russian naval headquarters explained, the creation in Tartus of a fully fledged naval base should help Russia redeploy the naval and supply ships leaving Sevastopol,” Kommersant said.

Russian military engineers will install an air defense system with S-300PMU-2 Favorit ballistic missiles at the port to protect Russian naval ships, the magazine reported.

”For the first time since the Soviet Union’s collapse, Russia will create its own military base outside former Soviet borders, which will allow Moscow to conduct its own political game in the Middle East,” the newspaper added.

The Russian Defense Ministry categorically denied the report, Russian state news agency RIA Novosti reported.

"This is an absolutely false report that has no foundation whatsoever," Defense Ministry spokesperson Vyacheslav Sedov told Novosti.

Russia has also agreed to upgrade Syria's aerial defense systems, which Moscow supplied in 2005, and its fleet of 1,000 T-72 tanks.

Syria is also trying to convince Moscow to sell it two submarines and to upgrade its fleet of MiG 29 fighter jets, the magazine added.


Russia making a comeback

For first time since Iron Curtain's fall, Russia to set up naval base on Syrian soil

Alex Fishman Published:  08.06.07, 13:34 / Israel Opinion 

Another phase in Russian President Vladimir Putin's imperialistic aspirations is being realized. It was just a matter of time before the Russian navy returned to the Mediterranean and resumed permanent command over the Syrian ports of Tartus and Latakia, which it abandoned with the fall of the Soviet Union.

A Russian flag on Syrian soil has significant strategic implications. Firstly, it challenges the US and the dominance of the Sixth Fleet stationed in the Mediterranean. Secondly, with its actual presence in Syria, Russia is announcing that it is actively participating in any process and conflict in the Middle East, that it has a stance of its own, and that it must be reckoned with.

Although the Russians have agreed to upgrade Syria's MIG-29 aircraft, they have still not concluded the sale of new MIG-31A aircraft. There are still quite a few items the Syrians have asked for that the Russians are still weighing.

Moreover, Russia may have a very central role is restraining the Iranian bear hug embracing Syria. In an age where there is talk of American withdrawal from Iraq, such a restraining Russian influence is doubly important in impeding the fundamentalist wave that is threatening to immerse the region.
Looking at Tartus, it appears that 2/3, or more, of the Port is now commercial shipping.  The same goes for Al Lathqiyah.
CDN Aviator said:
I'm willing to be that it is the case but that it is not the driving factor here. My take is that this is purely political so it doesnt require a large deployment. The Kuznetsov is not that significant a weapon anyways.

The subs on the other hand.........

Ah, but are they sending any carrier-based planes to go with the Kuznetsov...  :D
Dimsum said:
Ah, but are they sending any carrier-based planes to go with the Kuznetsov...  :D

So what if they are ?

(an aircraft carrier carrying aircraft ? Now why didnt i think of that  ::)  )
Dimsum said:
Ah, but are they sending any carrier-based planes to go with the Kuznetsov...  :D

Rather pointless for them to deploy that distance without doing any Air Wing Ops don't you think? Their Navy likes to get their training in as much as any other Navy.
Dimsum said:
Ah, but are they sending any carrier-based planes to go with the Kuznetsov...  :D

If they do have a full load-out of Aircraft they can haul

12 × Sukhoi Su-33 fighters
5 × Sukhoi Su-25UTG/UBP aircraft
4 × Kamov Ka-27LD32 helicopters
18 × Kamov Ka-27PLO helicopters
2 × Kamov Ka-27S helicopters

Naval-Technology numbers:Key here is capacity vs reality.

The ship has the capacity to support 16 Yakovlev Yak-41M (NATO code name Freestyle), 12 Sukhoi Su-27K (NATO codename Flanker) fixed-wing aircraft and a range of helicopters including four Kamov Ka-27-LD (NATO codename Helix), 18 Kamov Ka-27 PLO and two Ka-27-S.

tomahawk6 said:

Naval-Technology numbers:Key here is capacity vs reality.

The ship has the capacity to support 16 Yakovlev Yak-41M (NATO code name Freestyle), 12 Sukhoi Su-27K (NATO codename Flanker) fixed-wing aircraft and a range of helicopters including four Kamov Ka-27-LD (NATO codename Helix), 18 Kamov Ka-27 PLO and two Ka-27-S.

A quick note, the Yak-141 Freestyle never entered production. That would mean that the carrier could carry more Flanker's. The Russians also built a carrier variant of the Mig-29, but I'm not sure what its status is.

Fire on Russian warship kills 2
A fire on a Russian warship in the Pacific killed two sailors, the navy said on Thursday, the latest in a series of accidents that have raised doubts about the safety of Russia's fleet.

Russia's navy is under renewed scrutiny because the Kremlin is using it to project its newly assertive foreign policies, including by sending a nuclear-powered cruiser to the Caribbean later this year.

The Marshal Shaposhnikov anti-submarine destroyer limped into Vladivostok's harbour, home of Russia's Pacific fleet, on Thursday after the fire.

"One sailor serving under contract, and one conscripted sailor, who were in the section where the accident happened, died," the navy said in a statement. "The preliminary reason for the fire is a technical failure."

A series of accidents has dented the reputation of Russia's navy, which suffered years of neglect and under-funding after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The most high profile incident was the 2000 sinking of the Kursk nuclear submarine when all 117 crew died.

The United States has questioned the navy's reliability, with a State Department spokesman quipping that the nuclear-powered cruiser 'Peter the Great' may break down before it reaches the Caribbean for joint exercises with Venezuela in November.

The exercises are the Russian navy's first major manoeuvres on the United States' doorstep since the Cold War.

In July, Russia's navy announced plans for a major expansion, including the building of new aircraft carriers. The navy has only one aircraft carrier in service.

Navy officials said they suspected the fire on the Marshal Shaposhnikov had broken out in the engine room when an oil pipe ruptured during a naval exercise in the Sea of Japan.

Built in the 1980s, the Marshal Shaposhnikov carries anti-submarine munitions and helicopters.

DS addenum: Marshal Shaposhnikov is an Udaloy class.

The original carrier variant of the Fulcrum, the MiG-29K (known as the 9.31 variant), was tested in prototype form, and conducted carrier trials, but never entered production. None are in Russian military service.

India is currently receiving deliveries of an initial batch of 12 updated 9.31's, as well as 4 examples of a new two-seat variant (9.47). These are for eventual service on board the INS Vikramaditya (formerly Admiral Gorshkov). More examples are likely to follow, if Russia ever manages to deliver the carrier.
Here is a translation via babel fish.
On Saturday as a result emergencies on the atomic submarine of Pacific Ocean fleet perished more than 20 people. About this it reports RIA of the news with the reference for the statement of the assistant of [glavkoma] the Navy Igor [Dygalo]. As refined [Dygalo], emergency occurred during conducting of road tests on one of the nuclear-powered submarines: for the unknown reasons operated fire extinguishing system. According to [Dygalo], submarine itself with the emergency did not suffer, reactor compartment works in the normal mode, there is no radiation threat. All tests on submarine are stopped at the given moment, is made decision about its return to the point of temporary basing. The type of submarine and its name thus far does not communicate. However, at the end October it communicated that in the littoral began the road tests of the nuclear-powered submarine of " [Nerpa]" (project of 971 " Pike -" , according to the classification of NATO " Akula"). Does deal the discussion precisely with this submarine thus far not known.

Moscow, 8 noys - RIA of the news. More than 20 people perished as a result incident on the nuclear-powered submarine of Pacific Ocean fleet, reported the assistant of [glavkoma] the Navy the captain of 1 ranks Igor [Dygalo]. According to him, today on November 8 on one of the nuclear-powered submarines of Pacific Ocean fleet with conducting of the road tests of as a result unsanctioned wear and tear of fire extinguishing system perished more than 20 people. Among the killed working ship-building enterprises and soldiers. Boat does not have damages. Reactor compartment works in the normal mode. Radiation background on the boat within the standard. [Glavkoma] the Navy, testing are stopped on the indication. Decision about the return of boat to the point of temporary basing is made, reported the assistant of [glavkoma] the Navy.

At least 20 people have died in an incident involving the failure of a fire extinguishing system on a Russian nuclear submarine, local media report.

Russian Pacific Fleet spokesman Igor Dygalo said both sailors and shipyard workers died in the incident, which occurred during sea trials.

He said the submarine itself had not been damaged and there had been no radiation leaks.

Military prosecutors are investigating the incident.

Injured evacuated

The submarine, whose name and class have not been revealed, has been ordered to suspend sea trials and return to port in the far eastern Primorye territory, Capt Dygalo said.

"I declare with full responsibility that the reactor compartment on the nuclear-powered submarine is working normally and the radiation background is normal," he said, quoted by Itar-Tass news agency.

There were 208 people on board at the time, 81 of whom were servicemen.

Twenty-one injured people have been evacuated from the submarine, sources at the fleet said.

Reports say the incident occurred in the nose of the vessel. The nuclear reactor, which is in the stern, was not affected.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is being kept fully informed about the incident, his press service said.

Deputy Defence Minister Alexander Kolmakov and Navy Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Vysotsky are flying to the scene of the incident.

Russia's worst submarine disaster happened in August 2000, when the nuclear-powered Kursk sank in the Barents Sea. All 118 people on board died.

              Some how I just don't believe the Russians when they say there was no radiation leak . 
The fire suppression system evidently cuts off the air to a compartment.