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Trades Related to Business and Recruitment


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Hi all, first post on here. Alright...I have a few things I need to mention and I apologize if it's already been brought up. Also, just so I don't look like THAT much of an idiot, the Forces.ca website has been shut down since the 18th and I cannot research any trades...

1. Are there any business related trades in the forces other than Supply tech? I've heard of Logistics officer but I'm not sure what they do. I'm currently doing my Advanced 3 year diploma in Business online and I'm interested in joining the reserves to get the "serving my country and also pursuing another career in my field" satisfaction. In case I decide to either eventually join the CAF full time, or if I decide to leave the reserves after a number of years, I want to be able to take that CAF experience (in a business trade) to help me reach a career in Business (hopefully to work in the government one day).

2. I wrote the CFAT 4 days ago and received a letter the next day indicating that I was "Succesful" in the first step of the process and that in 30 days they will let me know my qualified occupations based on the competitiveness of other applicants. Does this mean I passed? Or that I was just successful in actually writing it and may be offered the "cook" occupation (no hate on cooks it's just not my preferred trade and I hear they try and give away cooks and stewards all the time because they're at the bottom of the chain).

3. Right after I wrote the test, the administrator says "If your score is high enough, do you want Military Police?" I believe he mentioned it because I also have a Police Foundations Diploma and I once wanted to be a cop. I quickly said "yes" not really knowing what I had said and ran out of there. So he made my list as "MP, Infantry, and Supply Tech"....So here's the question: If I get offered MP as my first choice, do I HAVE to choose that one? What about my other trades that I put down? I'm open to a LOT of different trades but I don't want to be pressured into the ones he wrote down for me in case I change my mind. I get it, I was nervous and messed up. But here we are, lol.

One of my current bosses (CF Vet) made sure to recently let me know that if I ever pick a trade, I should try and make sure it's relevant to something I'd want to do in the future because I will have already had experience in it from the military. If someone wants to be infantry for their whole career, that's totally fine, but for ME, I personally like having the option/job security from my skills in the Army to transfer to the civilian life: EX: Vehicle tech = mechanic.

Sorry if this is painful to read. I'm genuinely curious and the website can't give me any information right now.

Logan :salute:



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On the business side (NCM) there is both an HRA - human resources admin. and a FINA - financial admin. The CF has split RMS clerk into these two occupations. As for Logistics officer, I believe they are in the chain of command for supply clerks, both types of admin and possibly others. I could be wrong though.


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here is some info on logistic officers. let me know if u have more questions

Special Force (Mobilization) LOG has eight sub-divisions:
a. Logistics Officer (LOG).  LOG personnel represent the common functional competencies of junior LOG Officers;
b. Logistics Officer - Sea (LOG SEA).  LOG SEA are responsible for basic logistics support to Naval operations with particular emphasis on support to deployed Naval units;
c. Logistics Officer - Land (LOG LAND).  LOG LAND are responsible for basic logistics support to Land operations with particular emphasis on support to Army units;
d. Logistics Officer - Air (LOG AIR).  LOG AIR are responsible for basic logistics support to Air operations with particular emphasis on the generation, deployment and sustainment to Air units;
e. Logistics Officer Supply Chain Management (LOG SCM).  LOG SCM is responsible for supply chain management services and support to Sea, Land, and Air operations. This includes inventory and materiel management, procurement, distribution, materiel movements and HAZMAT control;
f. Logistics Officer Transportation (LOG TN).  LOG TN is responsible for transportation management services and support to Sea, Land, and Air operations. This includes MSE operations and safety, and the management of the vehicle fleet under their control;
g. Logistics Officer Human Resource Management (LOG HRM).  LOG HRM are responsible for human resources management services and support to Sea, Land, and Air operations. This includes Personnel Administration and Personnel Services;
h. Logistics Officer Finance (LOG Fin):
(1) Financial Services Officer (LOG Fin Svcs O). LOG Fin Svcs O is responsible for basic financial services and financial support to Sea, Land and Air operations. This includes performing in-year budget management, creating a business plan, managing Public revenue and accounts payable, providing compliance services, providing financial services, providing financial input into an operational plan and overseeing Non-Public Funds Accounting; and
(2) Financial Management Officer (LOG FINMGT ).  LOG FIN MGT is responsible for  financial management, financial reporting and financial internal control services and support to the CAF and DND. This includes planning, budgeting, resource allocations, accounting, reporting, control and oversight, analysis, decision support and advice, performance assessments, financial systems and internal control over financial management and financial reporting.; and
i. Logistics Officer Food Services (LOG FS).  LOG FS are responsible for food services management and support to Sea, Land, and Air operations in static locations and in support of deployed operations. This includes coordinating, organising and monitoring food procurement and production, use of labour and facilities, and contracts for food services IAW National standards.