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Weapons Tech Army vs Navy


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Hi everyone,

I want to join the Reserves when I am finished school next April and the I can do the BMQ during the summer before I start a full time job. Currently I am taking 2 2 year program at Mohawk College, Mechanical Engineering Techincian - Fluid Power.

I would like to be able to do something in the Reserves that I can use from school and the closest thing I have found is a Naval Weapons Technician.  They work with a lot of hydraulic and pneumatic components and I was wondering if the army reserves weapons tech is anywhere similar if anyone happens to know.

I tried looking through the job descriptions, but cannot find too much regarding working primarlily with Hydraulics and Pneumatics in the army.  Is there a trade that spends more time on this then others?


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You won't find what you're looking for with reserve weapons technician but the reg force side definitely uses hydraulic skills.  You learn basic hydraulics on the QL3 and QL5 reg force courses and some people are offered the fluid power 2 course on the reg force side. 

I'm sure you would probably use these skills more often in the naval weapons trade as the fluid power level 2 course is taught in Halifax by the navy.


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I do believe there is a quiz on the military recruiting site (DND.ca) that you can take, that will spit out careers which would interest you. It asks how you like certain things (working with your hands, working outdoors, working with heavy machinery, etc.). That could point you towards a few occupations that might interest you. Also, if you consider the Weapons Tech trade, you will have to consider which branches (Navy, Army, Air Force) of the military have reserve units in your area.

Good luck down the road in the recruiting process and in your military career.



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Another option you might want to examine is the Air Reserve.  I believe Mohawk College is in Hamiliton?  400 Squadron, which is mainly reserve, is in Borden.  One of the 500 series trades (can't keep the new ones straight) deals with aircraft hydraulics quite a bit.  I'm not sure if their's an Airfield Engineer squadron in Ontario (I don't think so), but they also recruit reserve Construction Engineer's.  I think WFFE techs deal with some hydraulics.  The down side to that is that you would have to do Reg Force courses which would be hard to work into a college schedule.