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What camps should there be?



What would be Army courses for Army cadets.

Here are my ideas

Search and recue course

Firefighting course

Survival course

Field Medic course

Pre Para course

Engineering course

Electronics course

Communications course

Scuba course

life guard course

navigation course
Firefighting and SAR are Airforce responsibilities, just to let you know.
they used to have a patroling company at blackdown but they stopped it, there is a SCUBA cource but i herd its hard to get
Right, I almost forgot.

Scuba is offered at Vernon if you are a staff cadet.
You can get a lifeguard course from home corp.
You apply to ur CO and he‘ll have the corp pay for your lifeguard course from a civie orginisation such as RCLSS
Self Defense Course or something along those lines of Un-Armed Combat

And "Field Craft Course" would be awesome.
Cadet810 do you know a guy named Wong? He‘s in an Engineer Corps from Edmonton; might be in yours.
I believe there is a Pre-Para course, atleast there used to be.

What kind of electronics course? just saying Electronics is kind of vague. And how would skills learned at this course be relevent for Cadets?

Cadet‘s shouldent have a Un-Armed Combat course, your not soldiers, you dont need to know how to fight. Plus I dont think cadets are legally allowed to be taught how to fight anyways.

If you would like to see new courses made, try thinking up ones that are things cadets can do, and how this training would be relevent for a Cadet to do.

When you have that done, you could bring it up through your chain of command, and maybe your home unit could run a course or a FTX focusing on some of these ideas.
Just to clear this up....?

Are you inquiring about Corps level courses (during regular parade nights) or Cadet Summer Training Camp Courses - 2 week, 6 week, Staff Cadet etc?


Pacific region conducts a "pre-para" course during the march break, although it focuses on PT, not para drills and such.
I would like to see a Camp or a course for those cadets that dont get to go to camp.It could be like a FTX but a week long aimed towards Basic cadets. Bushcaraft and Fieldcraft ,Comms. The logistics could be hard to come by but its possible. Lots of CIC Officers and Soldiers could have time off to do something like this. I have herd talk of this but I would like to see it happen. Having Cadets go train with Canadian Junior Rangers at there camps up north would be fun and a great challange, Classes on SERVIVING IN THE BUSH living off the land,learning how to use an ATV or snowmobile safley. They should bring back a few of the old ARMY CADETS COURSES from the 70s and 80s SCUBA was a good course to get on. The Driver Comms course was a good course,learning to drive a military Truck or jeep was an asset on a cadet TRG Weekend. They had a course called CFE (Canadian Forces Europe. 38 Army Cadets from across Canada would be chosen, they trained with the soldiers from Petawawa and particapated on the Bergade EX in Lahr West Germany for 9 weeks. Since we are no longer in Europe why cant they train with LFCA with there big EX in the mid of Aug. Those are a few things that cadets might want...
True Canadian, we arent soldiers. Join a martial arts course, or join the Inf reserves or something. As for the pre-para Cadet810, there already is a pre-para course. You spend 2 weeks in Connaught before moving to Trenton. Major emphasis on pt, and you get your little trips here and there. You have to pass this before moving on to CFB Trenton for the actual jump course.
Primer, need idea. I think it would be great if they brought things back like Signals, and Driver/Mech... But we‘ll see, eh?
Apparently there used to be a Pararescue course.

Im not sure what the entails, but so long as theres jumping involved, I‘m game.

If anyone has details on that course, please feel free...
no chance there was a para rescue, wishful thinking, way to much cash
they need to bring back the partoling or introduce some type of Recce thing
According to some of the older members of this forum, there was a para rescue course for air cadets many years ago. Just read around in the forums Chris, its there somewhere.
A section commander course, not a cl or cli, but a full 6 weeks on commanding a squad, instructed by maybe some real section commanders. The course would focus on things like morale, motivation, navigation, radio communication procedures, navigation, hygiene, a standard or wilderness first aid course should be included.

Once the section commanders know how to lead, then you can teach them about patrolling and recce. They should earn the fun stuff. My corps just gives you the section, says go "recce" this area, then come back. Things have been getting better lately, but a real focus on leading a squad would help.

We had a weekend exercise on thanksgiving, and when the corps was forming sections for the night navigation exercise, one of the section commanders from a corps we brought with us, broke down and started to panic. She had never lead a section before, much less at night in the rain. She was new to the map and compass thing. She wound up walking into the bush for half an hour and then turned around and came right back because she didn‘t know what else to do. We caught them just as they were reaching our biv site and we sent one of our warrants with her to help her out untill she got a bit more comfortable, but the whole thing just ruined the weekend for her cadets.

I strongly believe there should be an intense course about leading a section before anyone thinks about getting the rank of sgt, or even master corporal.

Just my two cents.
Wilderness like I took in the 80‘s should be back but only at one camp....national selection. Reg force instructors with CIC workin together.

Just like my course. Was it ever hard.