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What happens if I get diagnosed for ADHD?


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I’ve been in the reg force for 7 years. I don’t want to bore you guys with the basics of why… but I’m 90% sure I have ADHD that has never been diagnosed until now. I have a docs appt in a few days and will mention it.

My question is: what would happen if I get diagnosed while in the forces? I keep reading that ADHD people can’t get recruited. Would I be medically released? If so, what goes with being medically released?

Anyone who has had a similar experience, please share!


nothing happens. They will give you n Rx depending on severity and symptoms and thats about it. If its a common stimulant then you cant deploy to Middle East cuz its prohibited there, oh n sure AF ya cant dive… As far as Canada F is concerned no biggy, Rx n there you go..
Hi there,

How was the doctor's appointment? I have ADHD myself, and man does it affect a lot. A lot I'm trying to get a hold on better.

I disclosed mine during my application process. It really is a case by case thing I feel.