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What have you won thus far in the Roll Up the Rim?

2 free coffees out of three, that's one more win than last year for me.
Seeing as I didn't win even a coffee the last couple of years, I am giving this year a miss as I've been lured over to the better coffee at McDonald's a couple of months back.

Good luck to those who are trying their luck this year.
jollyjacktar said:
.....better coffee at McDonald's...

That being said, the g/f goes to Timmies at this time of year, just for the 'roll up.' 

She also buys lottery tickets sometimes.

Some people "just don't math."  :dunno:
Journeyman said:
Some people "just don't math."  :dunno:

I completely lost it :rofl:  I imagined a Trailer Park Boys Ricky-esque voice to go with the statement.

Currently 3-9. 2 coffee, 1 doughnut. So far running odds for Metropolitan Calgary is 1:3, however that can change at any moment.

1/3. Won a coffee on my first cup.

Anyone else remember when buddy in theatre won two of the one hundred laptops in the Kandahar game?
211RadOp said:
0 for too many  :mad:

I'm about the same...Maybe a cookie or donut here and there, but they quickly get swiped if I don't eat them right away anyway. So, I end up with a big fat notta ;)
Nothing. Not even a coffee. I swear all the prizes are in the smalls and X-Larges. But I have a good feeling about my next one :)
I finally won a coffee.. but I'm really holding out for the Phillip Phillips thing.. you know, the GRAND PRIZE that is completely unknown to most of the Timmies demographic.

Are they looking to get new recruits?
Journeyman said:
She also buys lottery tickets sometimes.

Some people "just don't math."  :dunno:

"Luck is just statistics taken personally" - Penn Jillette
I won a free donut today!*  My wife was the happy recipient of a free donut today!

*editted for accuracy
1/7. Coffee. Falling just below average... which is the standard I aspire to!
2/4 so far on my own coffees, plus another from a cup I bought a coworker, and she gave me the tab. All coffees.
2/5 so far.  Found a neat "Roll Up the Rim Tracker" app for Android that tracks your stats, and shows stats amongst the app users. 

Lets you see that - yes - there are people doing worse than you are.  ;D
2/10. Both Coffees. Both were large.