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What have you won thus far in the Roll Up the Rim?

I won a whole coffee. that's after going thru about 10 -12 cups
I think roll up the rim has the worst odds in any of these little "look under the cap" sort of deals or anything.... whats it supposed to be like 1 in 3 or 1 in 5 or something? its gotta be actually about 1 in 20.

The best thing I've won so far is a coffee as well.
2 Coffees thus far - didn't really keep track though of how many I've gone through to get them though.

0 for 12 for me...the anticipation is killing me though...I just KNOW I'm winning that car  ::)
Not sure how many coffee's it has taken but I finally one a free one. Bout damn time.
Free doughnut.  Out of 12 cups so far.  OH, and it wasn't even won by me really.  Someone else gave it to me.
I had no luck so far... of course it started the day I left Kandahar!!!
I think all you guys would have better luck with winning anything more than one of those "meal prizes" by playing Lotto 6/49 instead.  ;D
Sweetmother of gawd!!! I won a donut. There must be a clerical error someplace... :D
I must be made of hoseshoes, i have won 9 chances to play again !!