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Wheres my platoon CFLRS?


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I had a hard time figuring out where to put this
post. Might have been better in Recruiting as it
has a bearing in people visiting the CFLRS site.

I have a mild complaint. The designers of the CFLRS site have not updated the Graduations list since the Fall of 2003. It is kinda cool to see the graduating platoons each month. My platoon is not up there and I sent an e-mail asking why the updates were not taking place. They responded and stated there were future planned changes and updates to the site. That was in March.

Impatient as I may be, rocket science is not employed in site updates. I want to see my platoon! Go 0341B! If you want to see your platoon or updates, it might be an idea to send them a polite e-mail and ask if they could update their site sooner.