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"Why does Canada buy Mosin rifles in huge quantities in Ukraine?"

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The original translated-into-English article is posted on a site that's definitely anti-Ukrainian, so caveat lector.  That said, wondering if there's anything to this, hence the sharing with folks who know way more about this sort of thing than I do ...
Why does Canada[size=12pt]* buy Mosin rifles in huge quantities in Ukraine?[/size]
Donbass Insider, June 24, 2019

The country, which is famous for its rifles, promises to send sniper weapons to Ukraine, but at the same time buys the famous Russian “three-line” Mosin rifles in large quantities.

According to where the newly elected president goes to on his first visits, one can also predict the vector of the country’s foreign policy. In the case of Ukraine, it remains unchanged: the European Union, NATO and the further creation of anti-Russian Ukraine.

Last week, the President of Ukraine’s press service announced his trip to Canada on June 2, however, Zelensky’s plans suddenly changed. In the near future, several meetings of the president with old “friends” of Ukraine will take place in Brussels. On June 4-5, Zelensky will meet with President of the European Council Donald Tusk, President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

By the way, rumour says that the President of Ukraine is going not only to discuss reforms, but also to discuss plans for ending the civil war in the Donbass. Basically, nothing new. Another “president of peace” who acts in the style: “promise them whatever they want, we will hang them later anyway”. Who wants peace does not continue the war.

The new president has already been in the war zone, after which the situation in the region only worsened: shelling, destruction of civilian infrastructure and houses, and most importantly, new civilian casualties.

By the way, against this background, Washington’s reassurances of continued military assistance sound already at a higher level. There will be no more “lethal – non-lethal” games: the West rejects its traditional political correctness and is ready to supply the Ukrainian military with everything that can destroy people. This includes more units of heckler-mercenaries, and weapons, and the promise of money for war. Although there are some issues with the latter: the West allocates “help” to Kiev, which should be spent on the purchase of their own weapons. A kind of loan on rather crushing conditions.

In addition to the United States, a number of other countries were noticed in supplying arms to Kiev: Israel, the Czech Republic, Poland, and, of course, Canada. By the way, Ukraine not only buys Western weapons, but also quite successfully trades its own, more precisely, Soviet arms. The United States, which accounts for about 34% of world arms exports, leads in the procurement of Ukrainian small arms, Canada is in second place. It is not clear why the country with the largest and most advanced military industrial complex needs Ukrainian machine guns, rifles and grenade launchers in large numbers?

By the way, Canada, which is famous for its rifles, promises to send sniper weapons to Ukraine in the near future. But at the same time she buys in large quantities the famous Russian “three-line” Mosin rifles.

In April 2019, the state enterprise Ukroboronservis exported to the Canadian company Amchar Canada Inc 2500 rifles of the 1891 – 1930 sample, for a total price of $320,000. This is an old, but very good, 7.62mm caliber weapon that has unique reliability and ease of use. The shipment was made from the village of Sobich, in the Shostkinsky district, Sumy region.

This is not the first delivery of this kind. Tens of thousands of rifles regularly leave the country in the American direction. It would be naive to consider ordinary collectors the main consumers of these weapons. Surely, a significant part of Kalashnikov assault rifles, or the same Mosin rifles, end up in the hands of various “non-system oppositionists” that certain Western circles create and support throughout the world.
Original in Russian attached.

Amchar seems to be selling the things, so it seems straightforward to me.

* - Dear Donbass Insider Headline Writer:  It's a company in Canada, not the gov't that's buying them.


  • pikinform.ru-Зачем Канада скупает в огромных количествах винтовки Мосина на Украине.pdf
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Spencer100 said:
Because to them a company and government are the same thing.  no understanding of free markets.
<Boris Badinov voice>"Oligarch" is such a harsh term - we prefer "enthusiastic entrepreneur"</Boris Badinov voice>
Considering the number of collectors in Canada that is really not a large number of weapons. Go to your local range on the weekend and you will probably at least hear of someone who has obtained or has one on order or be there demonstrating it for the others.  The price on eastern block weapons is usually significantly lower than European or American weapons of the same calibre and that by itself will make it popular.
Mosin Nagants are a good, solid, hard hitting rifle for entrance into the shooting game. They are cheap, accurate and ammo is cheap and plentiful. It uses a 7.62x54 rimmed round. Almost identical to the .303 British round. The rifles are available in full length infantry models and carbine length models. Mainly and respectively, the model 91, 44 and 38. Plus lots of variants.
They are super cheap and easily modified or personalized. The rifles that come from Tula are typically refurbished to look almost new.

Think Commonwealth Enfields. This is a Soviet gun in the same genre


CanadianTire said:
I didn't realize we were famous for our rifles?!

Your statement led to me doing a bit of internet searching.


Good article on firearms history.  With a focus on Canadian history of firearms.
Spencer100 - don't you mean infamous?
Remius - thanks for the link, I'll check that out!
Also learned via other means that with an embargo on goods from Russia, this remains a decent source.