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Title: Boxer IFV wins Land 400 Phase 2
Post by: RDBZ on March 16, 2018, 08:15:43
No surprises with this announcement.
Title: Re: Boxer IFV wins Land 400 Phase 2
Post by: CloudCover on March 16, 2018, 10:15:34
To some extent they are following what was the Canadian model of armoured vehicle manufacturing, although in order to support his base Trudeau will do his best to see its demise in Canada:

"To deliver the project, Rheinmetall will establish a state of the art Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) near Brisbane in partnership with the Queensland State Government,” a Rheinmetall press release said. “The MILVEHCOE will serve as the focal point for the execution of the program and a base for the establishment of an export orientated military vehicle industrial complex in Australia. The MILVEHCOE will support the Australian Governments Defence Export Strategy.”-Can you imagine any politician in Canada wanting to be associated with that statement?

“The MILVEHCOE will allow Rheinmetall to transfer cutting edge technologies to Australia in the areas of military vehicle design, production, turret systems, sensors, survivability, simulation and through life support,” the Rheinmetall release added.

The center will also “enrich the economy in the high technology advanced manufacturing sector and broaden employment in defence across the nation. In doing so, we will create a strong sovereign military vehicle industry that allows Australian companies to innovate, compete and win globally,” said Gary Stewart, Managing Director of Rheinmetall Defence Australia.
Title: Re: Boxer IFV wins Land 400 Phase 2
Post by: Shrek1985 on May 15, 2018, 12:08:56
More bad news for GDLS; another LAV customer fading out.