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Re: World Of Warships
« Reply #150 on: October 13, 2015, 11:09:06 »
I found a very useful site for hidden controls.Of the one's used I like the Z button after firing a round. ;D
Another useful item is using your secondary weapons for shooting surface targets. :D

WHAT!  Idividually fired torps!  *dances*  I could have used that so many times!

I've found with the DD's it's best to try and sneak between islands away from the corridors always traveled. In most games the CAs and DDs streak ahead so if you can get around them and sneak into the BB line of battle, you can do some real damage with your torps. Best case scenario, you punch through the line of battle and take out the CVs. I've pulled this off a few times in DDs with 4 -5 kills in each.

One of the best uses for the DD in team play is to shoot a spread of torps at a grouping of BB's and CC's to get them to spread out.  Then your aircraft come into attack.  At higher tiers the AA fire is much more effective and you often loose aircraft, esp if the enemy is grouping up.  DD's torps might not kill anyone but as they all scramble to evade it breaks up their formation and your team can then do more damage by picking off the stragglers and focus firing better.

I'm noticing that tier 5/6/7 the game experience changes esp for DD's.  Not only are the players better and more dedicated by the margin for error is slimmer.  DD's can't just "slip by" any more and often can get wrecked by secondary BB fire even if the BB is looking the other way.  A single cruiser broadside can destroy your DD easily.  Also the torps don't do as much damage relative to the enemies HP depending on the target.  Higher tier players can also wreck you with torp bombers using the Alt attack command if you aren't paying attention whereas in lower tiers they don't know what they are doing.

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Re: World Of Warships
« Reply #151 on: October 22, 2015, 19:18:23 »
They have added German and Russian ships and the German ships are alot of fun,the Russian one's not so much. :camo: