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Documentary: The Lost Platoon
« on: March 16, 2017, 21:45:54 »
If you have some time to burn, just came across this documentary which is part of a series.  I cannot comment on the series, but I can comment on this episode. 

Title: The Lost Platoon.
By: Dan Reid.

It was part of a BBC series called "Our War" and is Series 2, Episode 3/3.

For one hour you follow 7 Platoon of the UK's Welsh Guards in their outpost in Haji Alem, Afghanistan in 2009.

Some good (and hard) lessons learned about being a platoon commander / platoon Sr. NCO, equipment redundancy, first aid training, communication under contact, radio drills with higher, efficient medevac / casevac system, etc, etc. 

Worth the time if you have it.

Some info here: