Author Topic: “World War Three: Two and a Half Minutes to Midnight” Hypothetical WW3 Mini-Doc  (Read 1911 times)

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While skimming through videos wasting a bit of time today, this one caught my eye and I decided to watch it.

While entirely hypothetical, a lot of work went into it and I thought it might generate some interesting discussion.

There are a few items mentioned in the factual portion of the documentary (before the hypothetical scenario is explained) that I hadn’t heard before and am currently looking up more info.

Worth a watch if one is interested in these sorts of things, even if only for entertainment value.
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Well, that was ******* cheerful.   :Tin-Foil-Hat:

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Show it to Trudeau and hope he understands (missile defence).
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That was a great production, had me engaged throughout the full ~52min.