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Vic Damone
« on: March 05, 2018, 12:26:51 »
My mother mentioned to me the other day that Vic Damone recently passed away. I remember she used to buy his records.

Other than his wonderful singing voice, the only thing I knew of him was Eddie Fischer's re-telling of when Vic got drafted he was so furious that he parked his Cadillac in a general's reserved spot!

I read a few other things,

In 1972, he was offered the role of Johnny Fontane in The Godfather. The role ultimately went to Al Martino, as Damone turned down the role for a variety of reasons, reportedly including him not thinking the role had enough screen time or paid enough, but also due to a fear of provoking the mob and Frank Sinatra, whom Damone profoundly respected.

He was married five times - and divorced four.

Damone claimed he had been held dangling out of a window of a New York hotel by a "thug". Damone claimed he had been engaged to the thug's daughter, but ended the relationship when she insulted Damone's mother. He wrote that his life was spared when, during a Mafia meeting to determine the singer's fate, New York mob boss Frank Costello ruled in Damone's favor.

His daughter Victoria recalled an incident in the late 1960s or early 1970s, in which a "bookie" showed up and said Damone owed him a large amount of money. Damone phoned Frank Sinatra and asked him to intervene. Sinatra ultimately showed up, but the bookie showed Sinatra a "secret sign", which Sinatra recognized and rendered him unable to intervene. Damone consequently had to relent and pay the bookie.