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Re: Federal Carbon Tax
« Reply #25 on: November 04, 2018, 13:43:12 »
Anybody out there that still thinks that this whole thing isn't just one big tax-grab?


My thoughts?

That's exactly what it is, in my mind.

Trudeau's shell game is just that, a shell game. Give us back more than we put in? A fallacy at best, a pyramid scheme at it's worst.

The CO2 emission argument is a mumbo jumbo boogy man. Pushing them down, lowering they call it, at the expense of vegetation and agriculture growth and oxygen output of the same. Canada's trees alone nearly put us in a carbon deficit, if not into the negative. We should be paid by the rest of the world for being the carbon scrubber that we are. Not paying others to ignore the protocol and increase carbon output on our dollar.

I think, the liberal government has wasted so many billions of our dollars, they've run out of cash to give away for their UN seat project and they need a fresh influx of cash to take care of their benefactors.

Our PM grew up privileged and without want. He has no concept of cash flow. It's just easier to keep reaching in the bag, without looking at how empty it's gotten.

Taxing us is easier than turning on the printing presses at the Canadian Mint.

I'm waiting for Ford to roll out his carbon plan. It will be wonderful, if he can exceed the liberal targets and goals, while not impinging on personal finances the way the liberal plan does.

If it does turn out to be better, will the liberals adopt it and drop their tax? They should, but I don't think they will. This tax was never designed to go fight climate change. It was designed to fleece the citizen and donate to liberal favoured financial giveaways.

The fact that the liberals have moved us to a trillion dollar deficit where our surpluses no longer cover that debt, has effectively bankrupted us.

Harper left a surplus and the best recovered world economy after the recession, and in three years under the liberals, we are now a red headed stepchild to the likes of Greece, that financial powerhouse of the EU  ;) .

Taxes are the preferred means of liberals to collect free money They've taxed and spent us into the poor house, but they just keep taking.
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Re: Federal Carbon Tax
« Reply #26 on: November 10, 2018, 10:18:02 »
As with all taxes they go into the big pot and later decisions aim the $$$. Chances are ZERO $$ will be effectively spent on a debatable idea of climate change, even the name is changed from global warming. There is some science to it, political spin to remove $$ from our pockets.
The truth is elusive and no time in the history of mankind did anyone spend $$ on trying to change living conditions long after the people would have passed on. What humans do best is adapt, but we react to fear the most and govt knows this and uses this to extract even more tax.

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Re: Federal Carbon Tax
« Reply #27 on: November 14, 2018, 13:44:08 »
Since the idea of a "carbon tax" is to attack energy use, the changes in the rprice of energy could throw a real wrench into plans:’s-collapse-is-sending-shockwaves-across-global-markets/ar-BBPI3B4?ocid=spartanntp

The effects of the collapse of crude prices are different across the economy and around the world, but the primary effect will likely be to reduce the amount of tax the Feds can grab from consumers, at least in the short term.
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