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Forever on guard - CBC
« on: December 28, 2018, 13:54:48 »
Nine wooden crosses stand guard along the Arctic coast, their white paint peeling after weathering decades of northern winds near the military base at Alert, Nunavut.

The grave markers make up the northernmost cemetery in Canada.

The people buried there died July 30, 1950. The seven airmen and two civilians were all on board a Lancaster aircraft in what was supposed to be a standard aerial resupply mission. But a parachute attached to a load of supplies dropped from the plane got caught on the aircraft's tail, causing the pilot to lose control.

The bomber crashed into the frozen earth and exploded, killing everyone on board.

One of the crosses is for Flight Officer James McCutcheon, from Cornwall, Ont. His family knew what happened that tragic day and a few relatives even visited Alert in the 1980s, but their memories had faded over time.

Nearly seven decades later and thousands of kilometres away, in a pub in Scotland, a chance encounter was about to change that.
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