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Re: Boatswain (BOSN)
« Reply #150 on: May 26, 2017, 11:39:52 »
home port routine
residence:off base
working hours :0800 to1600
task done often: grinding painting
          maintenance of rope and working
           space. verification of life preserver
           running small boat engine to
            ensure they start
            station .cleanibg small arm,clean reversible eye pad .shovels or wash upper decks

task accomplished once in a while
 rigging job (with chain hoist and other tool)
driving small boat in harbour.crane operating,maintenance of RAS equipmen

duty ;every 8 to 16 day were you spent the night onboard in case of emergency i seen it go down to every 4 days.

At Sea
from OS TO LS (3 TO 4 YEARS)
working shift about 12.5 hours days
 no week end unless in foreign port.
sometime rest period are cut short by round robin , excercise or onboard emergency.also second duty such has ship diver or NBP will take time from rest period on few occassion

job for the 12 hour a day is watch ob deck .3 different position

lookout: stare out the window to found stuff other than water to look at .
helsman :drive the ship  mostky stare at wall 2 feet away from you and match the number by turning a small wheel.
bosnmate work the intercom system do routine pipe and emergency pipe uf needed

truly watch on deck are pretty boring the job gets fun when the ship does RAS or anchoring launching small boat ..50 cal shoot

trade advancement
average 6 to 8 years service to get MS
2 to 3 year has MS to get PO2

but Promotion really depends on your PER and connection and above all your work ethic.

msg in pv if you want more info

You forgot being boat coxn in a tiny little zodiac in 6m swells for rescue stations...that's a ton of fun, especially when they don't understand the concept of "making a lee"...
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Re: Boatswain (BOSN)
« Reply #151 on: May 26, 2017, 12:30:42 »
boat coxn is the best part of the job. But if you want to be given this position you must fight for it. You have to prove to you chief bosn mate that your are knowledgefull ,responsible,able to think quickly to solve problem and if ever your engine can start on launch.Never ever make eyes contact with the people overlooking the ship side.

i am leaving the bosn trade this year and will miss rough sea and being boat cox'n.