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Re: Signal Operators?
« Reply #50 on: November 06, 2007, 17:19:28 »
Back in the day (yes I am old), upon completion of Basic, we went to CFSAL and completed the drivers course to qual on SC, SW and 3 Tonne. When we got to CFSCE for our 3s, among the training before our actual Rad Op crse, we did the LFC Dvr Wheel to qual on Iltis and 5/4 tonne. This allowed for all members of the crse to be able to drive the Rad Vans on the final Ex, so that there was no problem.

Should CFSCE run the LFC Dvr Wheel crse? IMHO yes. This will allow units, particularly in the Reg F, to be able to employ the new members in a driver capacity. If they are run at unit level, and I will use my unit as an example, this adds one more crse that the members must complete prior to being fully employable here. In the past (and I'm only going back a couple of years), we have had to run the SQ, Dvr Wheel, PCF (NCCIS or Computer Admin trg) as well as all deployment trg. If, for example, a young Sig gets here off his 3s in Aug, his schedule for the next 6 - 12 months will consist of two weeks of death by powerpoint, a month or more of predeployment trg, a Tp level Ex, a Sqn level Ex and then either an NCCIS (2 months) or Tier level trg (2 1/2 months). Throw in leave, taskings, waiting for the crses to start, driver trg and the normal Regt routine, you are looking at close to a year before the young soldier is employable. If some of this can be done while in a holding Pl, then it would greatly ease the burden upon all units.

Just my .02
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