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Re: Griffon
« Reply #25 on: March 12, 2005, 18:43:46 »
...provided there have not been any adjustments to the blades.   Same for the tail rotor.   Given the config of the Griffon head it would be impossible for such a mast mounted system and therefore a moot point.   Depending on the head system fo these helos (specifically the 412) the US is talking about, this may also be the reason they are going for a nose mounted system.   I remember Smytty sending the flight an article wrt their move towards this sytem and the reasoning behind it.   Of course, with my 90 emails that I had to go through that day, I think it ended up getting tossed in the shuffle -- or lost in my "personal" folder.   ::)

Strike, you mean one of these?

Bell Helicopter Responds to Army's RFP for Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter with the Bell ARH

Aviation Today article on US Army ARH and LUH programs