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Re: Infantry or Combat engineer
« Reply #125 on: October 09, 2017, 22:37:16 »
Are you very muscular? I am not particularly muscular (although I am working on it, I am 15), but I am fit and am able to do close to 40 push ups on a regular basis, just to give you some information.

About this, I'm not actually in the Canadian Forces (Or hopefully not yet at least) but from what I've found from this website is that you don't have to be muscular to be in the combat arms. Your best bet is to practice your cardio endurance and some calisthenics. Weightlifting is very good too but make sure you have already the previous two things and seeing how you can already do a decent amount of push-ups, your main focus should be on cardio . Also, I've heard that overly-buff persons tend to struggle to maintain their muscle mass on field exercises and whatnot.
P.S. To make sure this comment isn't COMPLETELY off topic, remember that no trade will do more infantry-oriented tasks than infantry. But Combat Engineers most likely have the closest relationship to them. It's all about if you want the best of both worlds (blowing stuff up and going pew-pew), or being the best at one thing, (going pew-pew).
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