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A War of Ideology
« on: September 13, 2005, 20:06:02 »
Hi all,
New to the board.  I saw a program last night about a group of young adults growing up in the Persian Gulf, from various countries, on LINK TV.  The overall feeling I got from the program was that these people were very different from the generation that raised them.  Whereas their parents seemed to have a very nihilistic point of view (belief in nothingness) towards the promise of democracy, the 20-25 year olds seemed displeased but some were able to comprehend a reality as such.  Shouldn't we, the U.S. focus on these young adults to strengthen our presence there.  I believe the war can be won only when we win the trust of the Iraqis, which may take a long time, perhaps a decade.  But if we bail out now all will be lost and they will never trust our ambitions ever again.  There is a hope.  The American public is just not being allowed to see it in the media.  Thoughts?