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« on: April 14, 2002, 15:17:00 »
I thought this would be a good apportunity to have all members with homepages to give us a little blurb on your page and post a link for example:
My page
"The unofficial"
3 RCR Parachute Company web page

This is a project I started before we deployed to Bosnia this time last year and kept it up and running , look for more updates now that I am off leave.

please leave your homepages here and visit the other members pages.

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« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2002, 14:27:00 »
Great site, keep up the good work.
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« Reply #2 on: May 08, 2002, 09:12:00 »
OK Here‘s the "unoffical homepage of the Windsor Regiment
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« Reply #3 on: May 12, 2002, 15:12:00 »
Two great sights.
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