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SEARCHES: Medals, War Diaries, Service Records, etc.
« on: April 18, 2006, 17:02:29 »
Here are some resources that you may find helpful in reseach:


Governor General of Canada     Honours

Directorate of History and Heritage             

Directorate - Honours and Recognition (DH&R)             

War Medals 1939 - 1991   

Modern Honours of Canada (1972)

Orders and Decorations

Token MedalTracker  

The London Gazette 

Library and Archives of Canada    War and Military

Canadian Military History Gateway


Canadian Forces after 1918

Library and Archives of Canada   ArchiviaNet

Canadian Military Genealogical FAQ


Contact the Unit that you want to find info from.  If they do not have copies of their War Diaries, the Archives of Canada does: or

Other Resources

The Royal Canadian Legion

The Department of Veterans Affairs

The 'Unit' (Whichever Unit the member served in.)

The Library and Archives of Canada

Multiple Sources available at:

The Regimental Rogue

Maple Leaf Up

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