Author Topic: American Psychologist Association allows assisting Interrogations  (Read 1004 times)

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Cnn -

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- The American Psychological Association is under fire from some of its members and other professionals for declaring that it is permissible for psychologists to assist in military interrogations.

An online petition against the group's policy has garnered more than 1,300 signatures from members and other psychologists. Protest forums are being planned for the APA's convention next month in New Orleans, Louisiana. And some members have threatened to withhold dues or quit.

What is humorous to me is that the APA has never said YOU HAVE TO DO IT...they just said, "If you want to, it's okay." All these petitions and protests is kind of silly.

Personally I don't see a problem with this...the military has it's own Psychologists and Psychiatrists, why not use them. But, if you get a psychologist that wishes to least he/she has the leverage to do so. I don't think Psychologists should be compelled, however unless directly employed by the military either as a member or as a civilian member.

And I can understand the moral dilemma they may have...they're in the job to keep people mentally healthy, that they are now being asked to exploit their expertise in this area and potentially damage people...but honestly, that's kind of tough boobie. If a prisoner of war or a terrorist with critical information has to suffer some mind games or indignities (that never cross the threshold of sadistic torture) so that our soldiers or innocent civilians can live...then fine. It may not be pretty, but neither is losing a good friend, or seeing the effects of war on civilians.

So what do you think?