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Transfer from PRes to CIC Officer?

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I used to be a CIC, served from 1998 until late 2005, then did a component transfer to Pres as NCM, and frankly, it was the best move I ever did for me.

CIC is a great movement, don't get me wrong, I met allot of great people, and might me in as adviser next year.

but you must consider that you will be doing allot of free time for the organisation as a CIC is paid around 23 days per year, the least I did at my cadet corp was around 42-43,

you will have allot of planing and allot of paperwork to do on your own time, plus all the extra asked by your CO.

Working with cadet is really a great experience, and if you can share what you have learn your will benefit it even more, seeing those kid lighten up because you were able to show them that they can achieve goals they could not even imagine, or to see them having their spirit high because you believe in them is priceless.

you will fall on imbecile CIC and will fall on great CIC, but that's like any other organisation.

Its not an easy job, but it was worth it. I have learn allot from it.

If you have any question pm me and we will talk.  :salute:

gun runner:
As per the topic at hand, I was a PRes for 3 1/2 years in the artillery(88-91), and had to resign due to a bum medical(heart murmurs are a pain in the $#@). How will that outcome affect my app. for CIC? I am at present a 36 year old professional who has a comfortable job and a family.. and no gym membership. I hear from members inside that the phys. fit. req. are the same as the forces applicants and that could kybosh my app. process immediatly. Not to mention the 3 1/2 years of sitting on the non business end of a loaded 105mm Howitzer all summer with inadequate hearing protection( anyone remember those cheap ear defenders they used to issue?)totally screwed my hearing..not that my present profession of locomotive engineer helps. Is the current medical/physical requirements for CIC the same as the PRes forces et al?

When I went in for my medical, the exact words from CFRC people was alot of CIC applicants are held together by duct tape. If you are interested in CIC, I would suggest going through the process & see what happens. Remember that this is not combat arms it is the supervision & administration of the cadet movement promoting youth to become upstanding citizens of this country. Not to mention promoting leadership amongst youth.


gun runner:
Thanks for the made me feel a little better! My app. is in process but I havent had the medical done yet. I was told that the C.O is trying to fast track my app. for admin purposes( I am currently assigned as a Trg O for the Cdt unit) and he would love to see me in uniform. I guess the years are starting to show on me and I was worried that the CFRC would reject me for the younger versions coming out of the cadet programs instead( possible still ). Ubique


--- Quote from: gun runner on August 13, 2008, 02:39:33 ---I was worried that the CFRC would reject me for the younger versions coming out of the cadet programs instead( possible still ). Ubique
--- End quote ---
Minimum medical for CF CIC is V4 CV3 H3 G3 O3 A5  Same as for general officers.


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