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Fitness Standards
« on: September 21, 2002, 22:58:00 »
Posted by "Bradley Sallows" <> on Wed, 13 Sep 2000 13:02:26 -0700
>By the way, is it true that standards for, say, physical fitness in the Forces
have been watered down in recent years to allow more women to meet them?
I think mainly this is only a problem of perception.  Even without the presence
of women in combat arms, rumours exist.  Talk to 3 different instructors, and
you‘ll probably get 3 different answers about what was and what was not
permitted in terms of PT and remedial training over the past 20 years.  Every
year the flavour seems to change - yes, we could give pushups no, we could not
give pushups we weren‘t allowed to yell or swear we spoke however we pleased
we did runs we did marches we did bugger-all.  Compared to my SYEP GMT QL2,
the standards still seem to be higher right now.
I have yet to see a standard that any reasonably fit person can‘t meet the
problem is that some of the candidates are not very fit in the first place.  If
the entry level of fitness is so low and the course so short that a reasonable
PT program is insufficient to allow a person to train to meet the standard, then
obviously the standard won‘t be met.
Brad Sallows
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