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    A New 'Smart Rifle' Decides When To Shoot And Rarely Misses

    http://motherboard.vice.com/blog/long-shot-inside-the-scope-of-smart-weapons Highlights many of the same issues already mentioned.
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    The 17th Annual Canadian International Sniper Concentration

    Was 3VP team that took first place. Top individual shooter/spotter went to police teams.
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    Scary black guns for legal sale.

    Robinson XCR-L Only one of those varieties is the Micro Pistol, which if not prohibited due to barrel/overall length, is almost certainly restricted. The XCR-type class, however, is non-restricted. Hunt away.
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    Wanted by CF: (as many as) 230 x 7.62mm MINIMIs

    I don't see this as a C6 replacement, and certainly not for an RWS - as was previously mentioned, weight is a moot point when the system is carrying the gun. As far as a replacement for the C6 in the dismounted role - I ain't seeing it either. These things were essentially designed just as an...
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    NSA Whistle-blower Ed Snowden

    I just find it amusing when gov't representatives tell people to have faith in these institutions and branches when folks like the Director of National Intelligence, when asked point-blank about whether information on Americans is being gathered, answers "no," then subsequently claims he...
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    A New 'Smart Rifle' Decides When To Shoot And Rarely Misses

    I take issue with some of the article's claims. First, it does not take years to teach someone to hit a target at 500yds. It might take a day, if they'd never fired anything in their life before. I also dispute the idea that the systems within the weapon, namely, a laser rangefinder, a ballistic...
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    Feedback picking an M305 Stock

    Yep - bullpup stock conversions are verboten. Strangely, bullpup rifles are not, provided they are manufactured at the source as such... Personally, I believe that putting a precision stock on a Norinco is a bit like putting lipstick on a pig, but to each their own. Having gone down the road of...
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    Light Support Weapons & Infantry Automatic Rifles

    Technically, neither the BLU-43 nor the PFM-1 were designed to be attractive to children. Their shape is dictated by aerodynamics more than anything - not as though the Commies put Hello Kitty stickers on them.
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    Light Support Weapons & Infantry Automatic Rifles

    Hmm... My understanding of the Mk. 318 SOST is that it fragments regardless of whether it yaws violently or not. My understanding of the Mk. 262 is that it just fragments more easily because it is a longer round with a thinner jacket. I hope nobody takes this as undue criticism, and I'm not a...
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    Light Support Weapons & Infantry Automatic Rifles

    Hi, My point was directed more towards the Frag-12 line of ammo, which is a fin-stabilized explosive round designed to be fired from any run-of-the-mill 12-gauge shotgun. We don't use it, as far as I know, and I don't see us using it because of the St. Petersburg Declaration. As far as the...
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    Light Support Weapons & Infantry Automatic Rifles

    While Canada was not a signatory to the St. Petersburg Declaration of 1868, I expect that Frag-12 ammo still runs counter to the spirit of the Law of Armed Conflict. Even the .50 Raufoss created quite a stir, despite the fact that it was unlikely to explode within anyone unless they were wearing...
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    AK-47‘s ?????

    I'm not going to touch the other stuff, but I'm curious what you mean by a "longer tumbling effect than the 5.56mm." Most modern "spitzer" rifle bullets tumble when they strike soft tissue, but the 5.56mm is somewhat unique in that in its SS109/M855 analogues, it reliably fragments in soft...
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    New 'One-Shot' Rifle Sight Could Make Snipers Deadlier Than Ever

    I don't think that this sight will obviate the need for a spotter by any means, as the article suggests, but it is an interesting tool in the toolbox.
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    what is the next step ?

    Well, I can speak for CSOR in that if you apply as a supporter, you will not be "stuck" there forever if you don't want to be - the opportunity is there to apply as an operator after two years, or after whatever contractual obligation you find yourself under. Best of luck - I know a couple guys...
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    Designated Marksman

    Back in 1-08, the company-level sharpshooter had an AR-10, and the platoon sharpshooters had the C7CT. There's a thread kicking around from a while ago talking about just such a topic. The sniper community is still waiting for their gas gun, and even money says that whatever that rifle turns...