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    BMQ Regular Force 2005 - 2017 [Merged]

    If you are talking to a LCol/Cmdr while you are in basic, I feel like something is already very wrong.
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    What Does Artillery Do When Not In Training Or Deployed?

    Yes but artillery sweeping involves the important step of moving the m777s too
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    What Does Artillery Do When Not In Training Or Deployed?

    Sit around, busywork, sweeping, pt, shovel snow in the winter, sit around some more, death by powerpoint, parades, work on vehicles and wait to get dismissed
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    Nearly the end of the MLVW?

    Or even better, Shilo to Wainwright, with an m777 of course :crybaby:
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    Old trade badge on CT/OT

    I dont know about ammo techs, but for arty dp1 everyone from ct kept their old cap badge until we got the arty one in the last week.
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    Weekends are spent at the base, first night back you are confined to base. The monday of my ftx there was thanksgiving, but while the rest of cflrs had the day off, we didnt.
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    O'Mega Mess bar hours

    Sometime in the morning I believe, they also close during meals as well. I think they stop serving alcohol at 1600 as well, but still open again after dinner.
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    O'Mega Mess bar hours

    Fridays i think its 2100 to 230, Saturday its until 00 for pretty much the whole day except for meals, and sunday it is until 2200 (Not that you want to do much drinking on Sundays). This is all from memory from my time there a few months ago. There are signs that show the times.
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    How does battle school compare to BMQ?

    A friend of mine who just finished BMQ and went straight to RCR battle school tells me just after his first week it is way tougher, notably the PT.
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    July 14th 2012 BMQ - Who else is going?

    I'm going field artillery out of Vancouver. See you guys there!
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    Word association (just for fun)

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    AVS TECH occupation transfer to Pilot

    Wouldn't that be UTPNCM as he would be applying in-service?
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    Hello its me, this is gonna be hard for you to read

    Who's cutting those onions!
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    Academic Prerequisites for RMC

    You are welcome  :)
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    Academic Prerequisites for RMC

    You cannot do signal officer with an arts degree, as it requires  either a bachelors of science or engineering.