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    8th Canadian Hussars

    Greetings.. The term is actually "Guidon Party" for cavalry and armoured units. I have a copy of the official line drawing of the mounted guidon party from the 125th anniversary in 1973. Trouble is I can't figger out how attach a photo to this reply. The "Insert Image" button doesn't do...
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    Reserves showing up for tasks injured?

    G'day.. I am at a Reserve CBG HQ and we see this all too often. There two usual causes: 1. The injured guys weren't injured when they applied for the task. They usually get hockeyed or motorcycled while awaiting task start day and if they already have all their paperwork nobody at the unit...
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    Join the SkyHawks for the 2008 season

    Kevin P.. No problem getting qualified to join the SkyHawks.. Just go to a civilian DZ, throw lots of money at them, spend every weekend for about two summers at the DZ. Get your better half really upset with you for doing so and then write your "A CoP' exam with the CSPA. Then apply for the...
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    Not a big fan of CF swag normally but this I like

    Hi Folks.. My better half got one at an event and everyone who sees it wants one. Now the kicker..the Recruiting guys are not allowed to give them to serving members. No shit. Civvies only. I went up to G1 and tryed to scrounge one and was told NFW. They have some nifty nerf balls too but...
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    Thoughts on deployment/rotation length & HLTA

    Greetings All.. CFTPO says just shy of 8 months (20 July 07 - 07 Mar 08)  for all in the next time around. Doog
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    Tank vs IED

    Spr.Earl.. How did you join that Yank web site without a zip code?
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    LGEN Leslie: Troops, helicopters, tanks needed

    Greetings.. A Majoor and others..about top heavy units (75 soldiers, a LCol, a CWO, couple of Majors etc).. Our problem is that it takes a long time to qualify someone up to any leadership position/rank. We are far better off having more leaders than are required by the number of soldiers than...
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    From: Should Canada adopt the LAV III as its sole armoured vehicle?

    I guess my attempt at ..Satire..was a bit too much. But if it stimulated any thought I guess that would be a good thing. As for being out of the loop.. well, yeah, the last Corps conference I attended was two years ago and and I am not on the extreme adults mailing list. I do however remember...
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    From: Should Canada adopt the LAV III as its sole armoured vehicle?

    Geo.. Done. Sorry about that. I re-registered earlier this year after a computer glitch refused my log-in. I  should have built more info in at that time. I have actually been on this list for a number of years but I haven't been ranting lately..too busy. Doog
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    From: Should Canada adopt the LAV III as its sole armoured vehicle?

    Greetings.. And..enough already. The Regular Force Armoured Corps does not want or need Res Force aumentees for deployments. If the Corps needed Reservists to be deployable they would figure out how to align the training to allow for the necessary skills to be held in the Reserves. If the...
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    General Duties on TF 1-07.

    Steve from 1RNFLDR.. I just rolled through the CFTPO brique and I don't see a "GD" position anywhere. Are you sure what you were told wasn't just somebodies personal view/version of a particular position? Check with your unit Ops cell. Get a specific task number. They can show you the specific...
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    Tim.. I am glad to see that you have used these means to ask for input since the official system seems to be a tad..stuck. I have passed a couple of points on through the "feedback" function and also through the PAO at this FMN HQ. Quite some time ago as I recall. Somebody in your organization...
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    Armoured Recce Vehicle

    Greetings All.. Has anyone ever seen the Italian "Puma" family? I don't know much about them but the shape and size are about right. Four whelled and six wheeled variants, boat shaped hull, room for dismounts. Built to hang out with their Centauros I believe. Scouts Out Doog
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    Vehicle names

    Names.. 8CH often used place names linked to Regtl history (Anagance, Hampton, etc) RCD Recce sqn in Germany had each troop in a group (ie ours were girls names...some German). I'll never forget ol' Dagmar!! Doog
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    Question on force generation for TF 1-08

    Steve 1 RNFLDR.. Just a suggestion here.. Go to the unit. Ask Chuck to check CFTPO. Or he can call us in Moncton Doog