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CAF international bases, staging areas, and fighting formations

The Hub idea has been around for 5 years now, with work being done on and off as there were staff officers available to do it. Many of the locations would actually have no personnel, just space and services contracted that we could call up/move in to when required.

At least that was the plan 2 years ago. 
I dont have time to cut and paste it but there was a follow on article where DND clarified the orriginal story.  We are not looking for new base but as some on here hinted at.  We are looking for agreements with other governments on use of facilities in thier country.  The proper name for it escapes me.

I still think we need Blimps
You all have it wrong.  This is what we need:


Technoviking said:
You all have it wrong.  This is what we need:


hmm, well it is not SHIELD's Command Carrier,  I don't think it is Bond's SPECTRE, Is it the Black Spectre's airship?

I wonder how many Aereonaughts and Aeromarines will it hold?  ;D
Of course not: It's SPECTRUM's base- saving us from the Mysterons.

Can we all get Captain Scarlet's powers so we too can continually come back from the dead to fight another day? :)

All joking aside, the bases do exist: They are called Amphibious Assault Ships. Many types and sizes are available in any colour you want ... as long as its grey.
Ahhh ok it is a concept carrier for the Company Spectrum.  I couldnt make out the U
CDN Aviator said:
I dont know about that but you can bet there will be an air station with an Aurora regularly flying from it.

...and all of a sudden 405 LRP Sqn will be a popular posting!  :D
Dimsum said:
...and all of a sudden 405 LRP Sqn will be a popular posting!  :D

Rotating detachment from both East and West LRP squadrons.
Dimsum said:
...and all of a sudden 405 LRP Sqn will be a popular posting!  :D

It would take much more than that for 405 to become a popular spot.  At least here in YQQ everyday is a day in paradise, and I don't have to rely on TD's for it.
And Pusser could wear those No. 5D's I know he must have in his closet somewhere...
One in Germany...
Today, the Honourable Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence, was joined by his counterpart, the Minister of Defence from the Federal Republic of Germany, Dr. Thomas de Maizière, to announce the location of the new Canadian Forces’ European Operational Support Hub at Germany’s Köln-Bonn airport.


In 2009, with the consent of the German government, the Canadian Forces operated European Operational Support Hub at the United States Air Force base at Spangdahlem, Germany. This small logistics hub was instrumental in ensuring the Canadian Forces could move vital supplies and personnel in support of operations in Afghanistan. This previous arrangement serves as the basis for the more permanent European Operational Support Hub that will be established at Köln-Bonn ....
CF news release, 14 Feb 12
lol no doubt.

I wonder if this will come with an increase in postings or if this is one of those smoke and mirror type announcements that say something "new" but things stay the same.

Bonn is such a boring town.......even more so now that everthing has  moved to Berlin.......Now...... Berlin is a happening place to be.
Ich kann Deutsch!  Ich will dahin!

(Braucht man einen Infanterieoffizier bei deisem Hauptquartier?)  ;D