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Iran Super Thread- Merged

Well this is the second time Iran has done this, one would hope the US lays the smack down on them to show this won't be tolerated

Property damage only, maybe tolerated. But if anyone was killed, could be bad news for another Iranian general.
Well shit.. The world going to shit very quickly.

Historic rhyme..
After every pandemic there is a war is really starting to look like a bloody prophecy about to come true.
I like 1918, mixed things up. War then pandemic.
Don't stick it in crazy....

As she is charged with burglary as well. I suspect she is coming up with some weird excuse, or was high at the time.
Bunch of scumbags doing this and I suspect the IRGC and their "Friends"
I have been interested in this story and my first thoughts were "its a setup from the inside" - Quds Force or whatever "Secret Police" they employ there. Like all dictatorships they rule by fear and cruelty. And at some point in the future there will be a day of reckoning in Iran.