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Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE Op) [Merged]

Wanted to add that I have been trying to contact my local CFRC but no one is picking up, my local CFRC re-directed me to another CFRC out of town of which is handling my application. But anyways I would be grateful if someone can answer my above question.
Welcome to Milnet.ca,

This site is a terrific resource for those serving and those wanting to serve.

I would suggest you read the FAQ and Conduct guidelines as you continue to familiarize yourself with the website.

I would also suggest you change your name as you are not an MSE Op yet. (perhaps "MSE-OP Hopeful". It would be more appropriate and step on less toes that way)

I would also recommend doing a search and reading through the recruiting forum first as your answer may lie in there already.

Last, Filling out your profile, while not mandatory does add credibility to you, filling out things like age and a rough geographic location can go a long way as well in being able to answer your questions.

Welcome to Milnet.ca and enjoy. If you follow these simple rules your time here will be an enjoyable one!

Lastly, Contact your recruiting center as they will be able to give you the best answer. If they have not picked up (as it is the weekend) just keep trying to get in touch with them.


Good luck on your application, I've been a reserve MSE-Op for 12 years and have had a blast doing it!
Stacked said:
When you add a new trade to your choice after being "Merit Listed" All you will have to do is an update interview to make sure you are suitable for that trade. In your case, you must do an interview to see if you are suitable for MSE Op. (Make sure you prepare for this second interview, they still take it VERY seriously, and it will last just as long as the first one. and you CAN be found not suitable, but that will not effect your other trade choices. In your case, SigOp will remain unchanged if you fail the MSE Op interview)


Thank you, this is what I wanted to know, I doubt I would  be getting an update interview booked anytime this month -_-, Toronto CFRC is real busy and took about a month for me to book an interview for my first trade after completing my CFAT. Ill physically go to the CFRC and talk to a recruiter I suppose.

Thanks anyways stacked, I greatly appreciate your reply.
Last time i checked, it was green in and out.
Recently MSE Op was not accepting any more but like i said i think it has just recently changed to accepting people again. i'll have to check at work.
Anyone know if sig op is a spec trade? if so i'd chose that.
Being a driver, you will sit around a lot and compete for taskings, it's no so bad in Comox but it really depends where you are posted. Army units may have you working side by side with infantry, or an air base you will be driving the mail van or refueller truck.
If you plan on joining the forces only for a few years you might want to pick something that has a good chance of getting the same job in the civilian world. There are ample truck drivers on civy street and it's tough competition and they usually have you on the road a lot working long hours.

Keep in mind whatever you choose, it's a 4 year commitment until you reach corporal and can either remuster or not sign/sign again
I been in the infantry for 3 years and decided that i want a VOT. I am considering Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE op). I've done as much research as i could online about the trade, but i still need some more input as it follows; schedule (working hours) and working environment, how the course is in general (what does it consist of), how do we get treated, how much FIELD TIME  through the course and after your done course as an MSE operator, is there spec pay?, and if there is any changes that one can get a posting like Borden or Trenton  after the completion of the course. Any information you can give me i would really appreciate it before i go ahead with the application..... Cheers!!!
miguel said:
Any information you can give me i would really appreciate it before i go ahead with the application..... Cheers!!!

This may help:

Topic: "Changing trades to mseop":
Definitely no spec pay i can tell you that.
Your work depends entirely what base you are at since it is a purple trade.

I'm at an air base so i will tell you what i know.
In GPV (General Purpose Vehicles, so anything from you'd see on the road basically) you'll be doing the daily mail run around the base delivering mail, rations run to the planes giving them their box lunches, Ambulance involves sitting around usually unless theres some emergency and someone needs a ride to the hospital or a plane crashes. Driving VIP's to and fro, Driving bus. Delivering freight with 5 ton.
In Refuelling, you work shift work 2 day 2 eve 2 night 8 hours fuelling the aircraft on base.
in SPV (Special purpose vehicles) dump trucks, graders, loaders, john deer, heavy equipment. You're responsible for maintaining the runway by pulling a sweeper behind you, helping CE with their projects, tractor trailer runs.
Come winter time everyone does SNIC 12hr as the priority is to keep the runways open, and to open up the base.

If you're in an army base it's a whole different story, some people are attached to units that go alongside infantry and others sit around in GPV waiting for something to do, sometimes for days (we do to). I'm sure someone with experience can fill in the army side for me.
The determining factor is what kind of base you're at.
hope that helps :)
It sounds like you want to get posted to Borden or Trenton . In Borden you will more then likely go to School support section there you will get qualified on other field vehs such as the MSVS LSVW MLVW you will also DI alot of vehs for customers to use and as the name says you support the schools on base mostly the Medics and Cooks . You can also be tasked to GPV if they are short handed that day and in winter you may get chosen to work SNIC . It's not that bad there you will usally work 0730 till 1600 Mon til Fri unless otherwise tasked .
There is no spec pay we make extra money on claims but the real good ones come when you get qualified bus and tractor . In a field unit you have the same sections but go to the field to do exs either with your unit or in suppoert of another unit . Hope this helps.
Only Spec pay we can get is if you join the CANSOFCOM side of things. Normal pay as per. Little extra cash if you are on the road. Play your cards correctly and you can get a bit of cash. ie Bring a cooler on the road trips.


PM me if you got anymore questions. I"ll be happy to help.
TN2IC said:
Only Spec pay we can get is if you join the CANSOFCOM side of things.

Nope, not even that. There are allowances but certainly not specialist pay. Specialist "pay" is tied to MOC, not place of employment.
Ah yeah. My mistake. Wrong choice of words.

If posted to a air force base....do u guys sleep out in the field alot? how much time do u spend away from home would u say....
The MSE Ops at this air force base drive buses, run driver training & testing and drive the heavy equipment required to operate and maintain the airfield during all seasons. Doesn't sound like allot of field time to me.......
Well, odds are if you do choose MSE, once its approved you will taken from your regiment and attached to Base TN as OJT until your QL3 starts. (At least thats the practice here). As for working schedule, it depends on where you are employed. Usually a 0730-1530 work day unless otherwise tasked. Unless you are posted to a position such as SNIC or AC Refuelling just as examples. They are more shift work oriented. As far as QL3 goes, they have just revamped the course so it's different than mine was, but field time is usually your one week final field ex, and maybe some blackout drive training during the HLVW phase (I believe they have now switched to the SHLVW PLS).

Your odds of getting borden or trenton depend on your reasons for wanting it and position needs. If you have valid reasons and theres a position open, you could get it unless theres a greater need elsewhere.
I have to say im not happy with the infantry. We're always in the field sleeping in hootches, under severe weather etc....not treated very well but... thats the nature of the job and someones gotta do it. I just always enjoyed driving so I thought MSE op would be a good trade, a trade that doesnt involve so much field time and humping everywhere with a ruck sack.
I own a mortgage in Toronto that requires maintenance time to time, thats why i am looking for a posting closer to toronto. Now.... i dont know if that will be good enough reason for them to post me near toronto if there is a spot.....
miguel said:
i dont know if that will be good enough reason for them to post me near toronto if there is a spot.....

Theres more to it than "if there's a spot". If there is a spot in Trenton, but the career manager's priority is to fill all the spots in 1 Svc Bn because they are next to go on deployment, then you will end up in 1 Svc Bn. See what i mean ?

Further to that, i'm sure you understand that you will likely be posted more than once in you new career. Even if you make it to Trenton on your first posting, what will you do about your property when you move again ?

IMHO, if you say "i'll just do what i do now", "i'll just sell it" or anything that sounds like "no big deal" then i would say that your reason for wanting to go to Trenton isnt all that compelling.
true true...i also heard that part of JTF2 is moving to trenton and their gona need a support...having said that i could probably go JTF2 support. Have u guys heard anything about that or is it a rumor??