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Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE Op) [Merged]

Currently, to get into a JTF2 Support position as MSE youre required to have QL5, Bus and Tractor Trailer. So yes its possible but not right away. A better choice would be the CJIRU that only requires you to be QL3 qualified to apply, but I think you should consider that Alot of people apply for these positions.
Oh forgot to ask....on the MSE op course is there any swimming?
Im a hell of a weak swimmer  :crybaby:
It will depend on the course staff to book the pool thru PSP if the timings fit into the course schedule. there is always swim time after work hrs and weekends that you could practice and upgrade your ability.
miguel said:
Im a hell of a weak swimmer  :crybaby:

Think of it as "Schrödinger's cat".......As long as you stay out of the pool, you are both a poor swimmer and a good swimmer.
CDN Aviator said:
Think of it as "Schrödinger's cat".......As long as you stay out of the pool, you are both a poor swimmer and a good swimmer.

Actually i was wondering....i know that in an air field unit  you dont get any field pay, but in a Service Battalion do you get field pay?
Just checking to see if they are any MSE Op's here...

Wanted to know the advantages and disadvantages to the trade?
Also what you would describe to be the best thing about the trade?
What is the first couple years like? Do you do all the snow plowing, haha?
I would like to go MSE Op but I don't know too many people actually IN the trade...

Anyways, any information you can tell me thats not on the website would be great...
By the way im on a friends account, making my own soon...

Thanks guys.

If you like driving, its for you. Specialty qualifications such as Tractor Trailer and Bus you could use on retirement. When you are on the road you are basically your own boss, but you must be responsible. TD Trips are great, you make a lot of extra income on those. Snow removal is one of our specialties however on our base is is done by CE and there are only about 5 MSE there, the rest are MDO's. Also, there is basically a positing on almost any base in Canada for MSE Op's. You could also get into AC Refueling or Runway SNIC which would set you up for a job at an airport.

Long hours, you could be away from your family ALOT being on the road if you are Tractor or Bus qualified. Being in a Field Support Pl is very repetitive work, from performing monthly inspections on vehicles that haven't moved in 6 months (essentially pushing fresh grease out of the joints with more fresh grease). To having nothing really going on that you're sweeping the floor 3 times a day to look busy. The main thing would be to show initiative and find something productive for yourself to do.

Being young to the trade and the CF, I cannot comment on the longterm. But I have enjoyed my time so far. Just as any trade however, it has its moments where you'd rather fall down a flight of stairs. Also, it is a Army/Air Force trade so you can be either element.
I'm looking for information about MSE Ops. Is there anyone out there I can message?

It looks like I'll be CTing MSE Op and was wondering if there was anyone out there I could ask a few questions?
hey guys, I'm transferring from res to reg force shortly and i'm just wondering if there was any ql3's lined up for mse? Also would there be any way to get a an idea on what is covered in that course? if you can reply on this topic please do if not email me din links to taylor.wilson12009@hotmail.com and thanks for your help, looking forward to startng the trade
Hurricane said:
From what has not already been covered, what would you like to know?

You may have to wait a while for a reply, Hurricane.

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Yes, another question about training time ....

I'm currently in the middle of the application process for the Reserves. I've been able to find out the training time for all but one of the trades I've applied for. Is anyone able to tell me how long the DP training is for the Mobile Support Equipment Operator position, and if that training is divided up into modules that can be taken separately?

I know that the training time is listed on the Forces website (70 days), but I'm afraid that I've learned to question much of what the site says (or rather doesn't say). There seems to be a major disconnect between Regular and Reserve training. Although we're all told that the Reserves get "all the same training as their Regular Force counterparts," that just doesn't seem to be the case.

Any help is much appreciated. And apologies in advance if this question has already been answered 1001 times before....
stevejoseph83 said:
And apologies in advance if this question has already been answered 1001 times before....

Have you looked?

Judging by registration-to-question time, I'd guess not.

You might try poking around the Site a bit, and taking the nifty-neat Search Function out for a spin.

You'll find a bunch of other useful information that way, too.

If you cannot find the information that you seek (and I am not sure if this has been asked and answered before or not), somebody will be happy to help.
Good morning all,

Anyone happen to know when the next MSE Op Selection board is taking place? Also does anyone have a schedule of the course intake dates?

Thank in advance