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Naval Combat Information Operator

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I am in the process of joining the CF. I was thinking of putting down the  Naval Combat Information Operator as my first trade choice.
Is there anyone out there that could give me some insight on this trade? Is it challenging?
It would be a great honour to serve in the Canadian Navy, I just want to make sure I pick a trade that I will enjoy.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks :)
NCIOP is a good trade.  If you go into it, you'll work in the ops cell of the ship with the radar and sensor equipment.  As such, you'll use computer programs and good old fashioned ink to plot and keep situational awareness of all ship and aircraft activity around your ship in order to advise the officer of the watch.  Also you'll also do a lot of radio work, research pubs, and relative velocity calculations to determine the positions of other ships (math!).  It's certainly not a "physically demanding" trade by any means, but it is challenging on the intellectual plane.  I spent a year as a NCIOP in the reserves and enjoyed it! Just a hint though- If they tell you to drop the bathymetre dont believe anyone who tells you that you need a fire suit!
Ah yes,math. I guess you can't escape it! Thanks for the info. I have found a couple of other threads on the trade and I think this is the route to go for me.
Thanks again.

Well the only sensors NCIOPs use is radars, they work with the NESOps(EW/ESM) and Sonar Ops(Sonar) to utilize their data from their sensors to gain a better picture of what is out there.Very rarely will you do any work have to worry about drawing a plot out. Reg Force NCIOPs are introduced to all the aspects of naval warfare very early intheir careers, so your training is more warfare intensive.
BTW NCIOPS has been discussed nefore pleasure use the search function.

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