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No more Carl G?


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I‘ve just been informed by my Sgt. that for our SQ which starts this Tuesday, we will not be trained on the Carl G or M72. The reason is they are phasing them out, and replacing them with the Eryx. Anyone else here anything more on this?

I was looking foreward to firing a rocket launcher...
teh qué?

The Carl G is such a sexy AT weapon... plus it‘s range of 2000m doesnt hurt (Eryx is like 600m effective I think?)

anyhoo, that sucks. my SQ starts in the summer.

Did they phase out .50 cals for infantry training, or was that a myth?
The effective range of the Carl Gustav is not 2000m. I believe that it is 5 or 600m for a stationary target, 400m for a moving target, but that‘s from memory. Maybe someone in the infantry could correct me if I‘m wrong.
On my SQ last summer, we where informed that our serial would be the last time the Carl G would be taught on an SQ course, and that it would instead be moved to Infantry QL3, and such.. Maybe someone more in the know can confirm?
Can‘t remember what the range is but def not 2000m. I have actually heard that they are phasing out the Eyrx and going with a fire and forget type platform. But all that is speculation and a far way away.
Carl G was on the SQ last summer, I can‘t see why they would phase it out. Mind you, I have also heard that they will phase out the 60mm mortar as well, because the M203 GL is now in service (and by the way, quite fun to fire!)
Report says 700m Karl G

FFV 551 HEAT - weight 3.2kg, range 700m
FFV 502 HEDP - weight 3.3kg, range 500m
TP 552 weight 3.2kg, range 700m (this is a non explosive round used for training)
Last I heard Carl G and grenades were not going to be part of SQ anymore. Something about moving it to BIQ.
The mighty green hotdog being phased out? How am I going to keep my toilet paper dry in the field? The 50 is not being taught to us toons anymore. I was the last gun course to learn it. That was back in 98 or 99‘ I believe. The 203 is fun to shoot but know were near as effective as the 60 mm mortar. Thats somethging that should be taught. Just imagine having your very own mini arty battery at your disposal.
now way you can hit a soft spot on a tank with a Carl G at 700 meters!
Originally posted by Phillman:
[qb] Last I heard Carl G and grenades were not going to be part of SQ anymore. Something about moving it to BIQ. [/qb]
The rocks that go boom arent being phased out for my particular course....
I don‘t like the idea of phasing out the m-72 esspecially if they are gonna replace it with the ERYX. I like the idea of running with a small tube hitting me in the back of the head when I am doing section attacks in the firegaurds - it keeps me awake. No seriously, it could be very handy. From the looks of it, the ERYX doesn‘t look as easily portable as the M-72. One soldier can carry several M-72‘s on his/her back and it adds a good punch to a section.
I doubt they are phasing out the Carl G, as at the infantry school here in Gagetown, they have 4 of them that are equipped with new mods, so why spend research, design and production money on a new mod if you are just going to phase out the weapon anyways?
I just finished my SQ and we were taught all the drills for the 84mm but the day before we were supposed to fire it, they told us that it was being pulled from the course. We were told it had to do with the high cost.
Do not Fret all you youngins going on your Section Member Course the Carl Gustav 84 MM has been Moved to It :rocket:
Dont worry, as you all know it takes a while for many things to trickle down to the Bn./ Regt. level.Given some time in unit ,you too will be given the chance to lug this piece of kit around the training area .
Originally posted by kaspacanada:
[qb] One soldier can carry several M-72‘s on his/her back and it adds a good punch to a section. [/qb]
The M72 is only effective against soft-skinned vehicles and has little effect against armoured vehicles. I believe the M203 is supposed to replace the M72. It‘s supposed to be just as effective. Also the M203 more portable than the M72 and you can carry more rounds for it.
Theres no way an M203 is as effective as an M72.
An M72 isn‘t going to take out a main battle tank but they are still very effective against soft skin vehicles, gun emplacements and other fortifications. Theres also the intimidation factor of a rocket going off. Anyone can use an M72 vice only someone with the launcher being able to use an m203. Actually since it doesnt make sense i‘m sure they will replace it.
The 60mm mortar is not being fased out ... infact the training for it has just started to pick up and the infantry units in the area are getting large amounts of money to train their troops on it.

The m203 has perhapse more functionality than an m72 because there are different 40mm rounds you can get, but the range and destructive power are still supirior on an m72.

As for faseing out good kit and building mods for things that are being fased out hey ... speak to Ottawa