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Paid Education [Merged]

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MOS is american

Canadian is MOC

as for tuition, here‘s the info takin off my unit‘s website

Tuition reimbursement. $2000 per year or 50% of your tuition (whichever is lower) up to a maximum of four years or $8000. You must be in a program of post-secondary education leading to your first undergraduate degree or in a field of studies applicable to your military occupational trade.
Thanks for the correction DNA.

I just e-mailed the same thing to a recruiter and he told me he doesn‘t know and told me to go to a local regiment and ask them.

For my second question regarding the training without MOC, I found out in the 12 Medical Company website that they have a Training Platoon for people that are not trained yet, but I‘m not sure if it applies to other regiments such like infantry, armor, engineer, etc. BUT I want to be a MED A, so I guess it‘s a good thing and I‘ve got what I want. :D
PAT Plt?

all new guys untill they‘ve done there BMQ are in PAT Plt as far as I know, it just get‘s you ready for your BMQ course, mine did

good luck to you as a Med A
<div align="center"><u>Education</u></div align>
The Canadian Forces have recently announced a plan to compensate its members, including reservists, who are upgrading their education if that education is related to the member’s trade. In brief, the Canadian Forces will repay 50 percent of all tuition, books and fees, up to a maximum of $2,000 per year. This benefit is tax-free.

<div align="center"><u>Royal Military College of Canada</u></div align>

Check out RMC’s website for more information.
The Royal Military College of Canada

Q. If accepted it says you do basic training in the summer previous to 1st year, would that mean after I complete high school they would send me straight to basic?

A. Yes.

Q. What should I prepare for before I apply to go to RMC?

A. Participate in team sports. Be physically fit.
There is no set minimum academic average for RMC. However, 80% is usually the lowest that will be considered. Although 90% seems to be what you should be aiming for.
Volunteer in your community. Assume leadership roles such as heading a committee or something like student council.

Q. What types of classes should I take and which are most important to get into RMC?

A. Sciences are a must for engineering applicants, but are always helpful. Take leadership courses and psychology if available.
Take Math, English, and your Social Sciences.

Q. How long will I have to serve with the Canadian Forces after I graduate from RMC?

A. The normal period of obligatory service for ROTP is five years after graduation, but in some Military Occupations, such as pilot, this period can be longer.
Hi im joining the reserves and i wanted to know if i can be a jtf-2 ninja sniper LOL joke. No, really the situation is i will be returning to school in september and i wanna get my bach in computer science and wanted to know education opportunities for reimbursement, not rotp, could any one help me out or point me in the right direction, not dnd site been there.

Thx all!

i believe the forces can give you $2000 dollars a year max for educational reinbursement, but don‘t quote me on that. if you‘ve gotten your application yet, details should be in there.

you have to pass all your classes (yes, even calculus) and you‘ll probably have to take out another job, because 2000 dollars a year won‘t even take you through the first semester.
First read DAOD 5031-3 Reimbursement under the CF Personal Enhancement Program (available on the internet). Then contact the unit to which you have applied and ask them if they have any information. I don‘t have the document in front of me but I heard that there are some recent changes to this program that affects the reserves.

This information will probably not help you because in order to be entitled to reimbursement as a member of the reserves, you must have completed either three years continuous service or four years cumulative service.

The only other thing that I can think of is CEOTP.
thought you only had to have one yr with the unit to then apply for tuition reimbursement??
I know I‘m jumping the gun here, but I‘m curious than anything. I have to get accepted first, obviously, and then depending on the circumstances in a number of years I‘d have to see if its still feasible. But I figure, what the heck, I‘ll ask.

I‘m referring to this: Educational Reimbursement, specifically the officer advanced degree part time. I‘ve thought for some time that I‘d be interested this in civilian life, and I don‘t think my decision to join the CF changes this much.

The questions I have pertain to its availability. It mentions in the ADM(HR-MIL) Instruction that the CF forsees a need for senior officers to have an advanced degree. Does this mean that junior officers aren‘t likely to get this?

It also mentions that it depends on budget limitations. Now based on current financial issues with the forces, I could definitely understand this being such a low priority that it recieves little funding. This also goes back to the junior officer remark in that if little funds are available then I assume they‘re awarded on some sort of seniority basis. But I‘m more curious if this is such strictly funding-strapped that its technically available according to the books, but its really not feasible for the average officer.

I guess I‘m more curious than anything, because if its not available its still something that I‘d like to do out of my own pocket. Its just the recruiting office really seemed to play the availability of post-graduate education, so I‘m more curious if its fill out the forms and the CO will approve it, or if its really quite competitive. The one clerk at the place mentioned that he‘d be working on a part-time bachelors for years, and it was basically available to everybody who applied.

And just for the record, the program I‘ve been looking at is a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering through a distance learning program.
Also, I‘m not sure if this applies to recruiting per se, but I wasn‘t quite sure where to post it.

And I‘m thinking this topic might be a long shot to get answered, but I‘m hoping that one of the regular officers who reads this has looked into it before or perhaps knows someone who has.
At this point in time, the CF helps you obtain your "first" degree without too much hesitation.

However, it‘s a little more difficult to get subsidies for a Masters‘ degree.

My kneejerk reaction is that you‘ll be busy enough/have your hands full for the first little while after you‘re enrolled - then, once you come up for air, you‘ll have been in long enough to know the ins and outs about subsidies for Masters‘ programmes.

The most conservative advice would be "don‘t hold your breath", at least not right away ...

Having said all of that, the Masters‘ you‘re considering is probably one that‘s fairly attractive for the CF - a point in your favour, but then again ... it might also be coloured by the university issuing it (I‘ve got a funny hunch they‘d prefer Canadian universities to foreign, unless there‘s some unique benefit to spending our money abroad ...)
Yeah, I‘m knowingly looking into this with a little naivety. My thinking was along the same lines as what you said, I‘ll probably have my hands full. Plus, I‘m single and unattached to anything right now, and that could all change in three or four years (which is probably the most realistic guess of when I would look into this). These are the circumstances I alluded to originally that could very well change. Also I wouldn‘t even consider this idea until all my training is done, and thats at least two years off anyways.

But its good to know that its generally more difficult than a bachelors degree. Its not the answer I was hoping for, but at least I don‘t get too locked into the idea.
I have heard a rumour that this is being cancelled...if it is, when is it cancelled?  Is it already?
I have heard this rumour as well... both from members on this board, and people in my unit who have heard in a round-about way. This totally sucks....
What's been passed down to me is that it was a trial program, and the period for which it was supposed to last is comming to an end, and they don't know if it will be renewed or not. There has been some pressure from the brass for extending it until a replacement program can be put in place, but I haven't heard any news (good or bad).

So watch and shoot. I'd really like to see it extended, it really helps with tuition.
Heu..  Sorry to ask that, but what's about reimbursement in this tread??
I can't believe their thinking of discontinuing the renbursment program. I mean, I know of at least 7 or 8 other recruits(to a regiment of about 100) that are joining primarily for the educational advantage. If the army wants to build up it's number, as I am sure it does, it should be pushing programs in, not cutting them back.
R031button said:
I can't believe their thinking of discontinuing the renbursment program. I mean, I know of at least 7 or 8 other recruits(to a regiment of about 100) that are joining primarily for the educational advantage. If the army wants to build up it's number, as I am sure it does, it should be pushing programs in, not cutting them back.

Definately, this is really unwise, IMO
This rumor isn't a rumor its true.... Our unit already started a petition within the unit about the cancellation of the reinbursement program. Because of it we have already gained 80 plus signatures I suggest doing this in your own units so it can be passed up the chain of command
This is NOT the Army cancelling a program. This was a trial, conducted by the HR world within the Canadian Forces, that is scheduled to complete in August of this year. The Army is actively petitioning to have this program continued. The Army realizes its benefits and wants it continued as much as everyone else does. I'm sure the Navy, Air and other commands are also concerned that this trial is soon ending.