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Sig Op QL3 Cease of Training Rumour???

Yeah - lots of chatter.

I've seen these things come & go - not sure why people are so horny to get rumours when really you're just going to get all wound up with misinformation.......of which I've read some above.

Patience young grasshoppers.  Don't believe all the "Purple Monkey Dishwasher" you hear.  Just be happy that some of future hopefull Techs, Line, & IT types will soon have your chance to play Rad Op for a little while.


I do not want to end up a pole monkey...

Balls if when I rejoin I am forced a LCIS...

Just looking for FACT, not, um "Purple Monkey Dishwasher"?
I'd venture as guess to say that you won't really find too much fact here until something is pretty much formally released.  I haven't seen any insiders at high ranking levels sharing much info in this section.  Just us lil guys.

And from where I sit, looks like we're looking ahead a far bit until you get to worry about it.

But if you want some more hearsay, then I'd tell you not to worry.  If you want to be a Operator, and nothing else, the trade will probably never look to send people to other trades.  IMO - it looks like they want to fill up the Op trade before the others - and they want the right people for the job in the case of non-Op positions.  And by the sounds of your experience/trg from other threads, I think you'll be a shoe-in for whatever they call IT in the future.  Good luck.

Why, thank you my friend.

Agreed that it is hear-say. Grain 'o' salt.

Just told that tomorrow the Sigs of 1 CMBG HQ+Sigs Sqn are to be seated by 14H25 for a briefing from the Master Sig himself on the trade Amalgamation; will take notes and post info!
Would I love to be a fly on the wall when all this is discussed.  I wonder why 1 Bde gets first dibs on the brief......hmmmmmmm.  ;)  (sarcasm for those unaware)  It would be fun just to see the look on the faces of people.  Haven't been in many Sig units that haven't been in a constant state of change.  Or that haven't gone though a huge change at least every couple of years (aka CO posting).

It's going to be interesting.

I posted what I took from the Lecture, started in a new thread under Communications & Electronics Forum! Figured I'd start a new thread on it since this thread was originally about "Cease of Training" rumours...